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Lunar Returns Exercises
Excerpts from the Blog of Ciro Discepolo



Two Aimed Solar Returns for John

Dear Ciro,
I have searched for the next two ALR's and would very much appreciate if you would check them for me.

26 Dec 2011, St. John's, NF, Canada

23 Jan 2012, Zurich

Also, if you look to 28 Mar 2011 I know you will understand.
I am forever grateful for your books.
John from Buffalo

Dear John,
my compliments! If you will continue so you will overcome me both as good planner of Aimed Lunar Returns that as traveller. I spend part of my life on board of airplanes: sooner or later we will meet ourself on some flight...
A dear regard.


A Lunar Return for Mordecai Son

Dear Ciro,
perhaps I should learn Italian so I can understand what's going on in the forum.
I study now my son's chart, looking for indication to his accident.
It happened in his 1st year. He was born on July 22, 1994 at 23:45, In Ramla, Israel.
The same was with my own chart... He had very bad burns when he was 10 month on May 30, 1995 around noon time. Thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
we have the Solar Return Ascendant exactly joined to the radix Ascendant in the first Solar Return and quasi-exactly joined at 33 years old, at 66 years old, etc. The first year of life is generally difficult with the SR Ascendant in 12^ or in I^ House (is the same thing).

Adding to it, his Lunar Return for May 1995 shows Mars in the first House, a stellium in the sixth House and an Ascendant in the fourth House (the hospital).
If you study the Solar Returns and the Lunar Returns of all your relatives, you will see that all is in line with the 30 rules.

Some colleagues say that it is not true that the Houses I^, 6^ and 12^ are dangerous, in a Solar or in a Lunar Return. What do you think about it?
It would be a honor for us of this blog if you will study some Italian language to follow better the matters that we treat here.
Also another our blogger, a female scientist been born in China and that studies in Canada and in the United States, is making the same thing.


A Bad Lunar Return for Mordecai

From Mordecai,
Dear Ciro, I just entered to day a new LR and I’m still confused as all those planets in Hs 12 (or Hs 1) but with both Jupiter and Venus in Hs 12... do they redeem the threatening aspectv of the Hs 12 message, especially with LR Asc in radix 10 Hs?

Dear Mordecai,
I have seen your actual ALR and I am in accord with you that it is very bad indeed. Unfortunately it is added to an ASR as many bad. And unfortunately the presence of Venus and Jupiter in 12 ^ House cannot help you because even if the stellium was composed from three Jupiter and from three Venus in 12 ^ House, the effect would be the same. I also cannot  comfort you relatively to the Ascendant in 10 ^ House because, in this context, it could mean a temporary abandonment of your job and therefore to speak to us of a Tenth House upside-down...  
Any hope, then? No, I have never said this! I have seen people overcome for years followings harder situations of yours. You make two things:

- The first one tries to make a small intervention of surgery, painful, but not dangerous (this immediately)  

- Prepare a good ASR  for next year, above all addressed to the health
   Many wishes. 


Sydney in Canada for Deva

Dear Ciro,
few questions on Lunar Returns from reading your latest book in English: does 12th, 6th, or 1st house Lunar Return Ascendant have the same bad influence as the Solar Return, though their effects are less detrimental? There are a few important exams that I need to write and wish to get through successfully, they all take place in the next month also.
When I look at my lunar return for that month, Saturn is in the 9th house, Jupiter is in the 2nd, Ascendant in the 12th house. If I take a flight 2 hours to the west directions, I can put Saturn in the 10th house, Jupiter in the 3rd house, and Ascendant in the 11th house. Is it worth to relocate for this Lunar Return at the end of February? In your experience, will get rid of Saturn in 9th, and put Jupiter in 3rd really help examination?

Dear Deva,
I am glad you are studying my next English book (together very foreign readers and a few Italians). Like has written Al Rami you have to look to an ALR (Aimed Lunar Return) like a complement to the Aimed Solar Return: you will be able to get a result only if you will sum values with the same sign. For example: if you have a splendid Solar Return working, you never will be able do destruct it by a bad ALR and vice versa. Differently you will be able to potentiate an ASR with an ALR of the same direction. In your precise situation, you have, actually, a bad ASR and I think that it is quite no useful to invest anything before your next birthday. However, if you want to do a check, even for the precision of your birth time, you can go, next February 25, in Sydney, New Scotia, with an excellent Venus in the third House and an excellent Jupiter on the cusp I/2th House: all it by a flight very very cheap from your city.

Best wishes for all, Ciro Discepolo


Edmond 1

From today I will develop several exercises of Lunar Returns exclusively for a didactic target. We create a personage named Edmond and born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on July 15th, 1976, at 3h and 42’ PM. We suppose that this hour is exact and that our Edmond desires to depart, every month, to improve his work/money/emancipation.

Next month his Lunar Return will fall on May 8th, at 5.18 PM GMT.
You can watch the chart for Minneapolis: very bad, indeed.

I have chose for him, instead, an Aimed Lunar Return for Port Alberni, Canada.

As you can see I have chose the combination Jupiter-Uranus closed to MC, in the Gauquelin zone (as to say in the tenth House), with Venus in the 11th House: the others that help us. The combination is very powerful. I could close more Jupiter to MC, but I don’t want to place Saturn in the fourth House because it is less harmful in the third House.


Edmond 2

Today we study the Aimed Solar Return for Edmond and for next June.
Here is the one for Minneapolis:

It is very bad for our goals that are opposite to a Saturn closed to MC.
The best solution could be in China, Karamy:

Here we have a splendid conjunction Jupiter-Uraus at MC.
Venus closed to the Ascendant is not very good for love (in the 12^ House), but our target is the tenth House and Venus closed to the Ascendant is very strong to protect the health.
However it can be to much far and we watch, then, an alternative in False Pass, Alaska:

It is less good respect the China's Lunar Return, but not bad and we was able even to avoid placing Mars and Saturn in the 11^ House.


Edmond 3

Good ALR for Edmond, for July 2nd 2010.
That for Minneapolis would give us the Sun in the first House and no values of tenth House: indeed very bad!

Instead Stanley's choice, the capital of the Falkland Islands, in front of Argentina, it is indeed very good, with Jupiter and Uranus "glued" to the MC and with a splendid Venus on the second and the third House cusp. Remember that when we succeed in getting a cusp of Venus or Jupiter, in an ASR or in an ALR, this Return values the double one.

Notice other two very important things:

1) Mars and Saturn have been put in the third House (when these two super malefic are near, in a zodiac sign, in the SR or in the LR, according to my experience, we can only position them in the third one or in the ninth House. Otherwise we would receive notable damages from another Chart of Lunar or Solar Return.

2) You will have noticed the AS is in the tenth House of the Natal Chart. Contrarily of the ASR, in the ALR, we can accept it without excessive worries.


Edmond 4

Edmond (Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 15th 1976, 3:42 PM), has to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for July 29th 2010 (in that July he will have two Lunar Returns).
We have written that these exercises are technical ones and not real. We have even written, let me remember to you, that the subject desires only to improve the tenth House of the own Lunar Returns and he has no problems to depart every month.

Well, the ALR for Minneapolis (even when we remain at home, the one is an Aimed Lunar Return, Aimed to the city where we live) is very bad and dangerous for some of the Thirty Rules.

Surely the best Aimed Lunar Return for him is the Funafuti Island ALR: Airport OAG code: FUN, longitude 179° 12’ East and 8°32’ South, with a splendid Jupiter-Uranus closed to MC and with a dangerous conjunction Mars-Saturn in the third House, where we want to place it (there or in the ninth House).

But it is a very expansive and long trip, then watch two alternatives.

He could go in Kinshasa, Democratic Congo, to put Mars-Saturn in the ninth House and Venus in the eight House: more money in input, in that month. But be alert! I travelled and advised to travel in every village of the whole world, however, in the Central Africa is always necessary to make some important vaccinations against malaria, yellow fever and other heavy sicknesses.

The last solution, similar to the Kinshasa one, is for a splendorous place: Alexander Bay, in South Africa.


Edmond 5

Edmond has to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for August 25th 2010.

Well, the Aimed Lunar Return for Minneapolis (even when we remain at home, the one is an Aimed Lunar Return, Aimed to the city where we live) is possible for him, but we can obtain a better result with a very cheap trip: Billings in Montana.

In fact, can you see, the chart of Billings shows a strong conjunction Venus-Mars at his MC. Venus is surely positive to improve, for him, all the meanings of the tenth House, over all the emancipation, a superior emancipation.

Mars in the tenth House, if we wanted to avoid it, we could push it out of the tenth House, but it is no absolutely harmful because it moves the Edmond’s energies to grow for a bigger emancipation.
In the next exercises, within 2-3 weeks, we will proceed with a second subject, on a side of Edmond, to work for discovering his true birth hour because he has no parents and no relatives and he doesn’t know at what time he was born and in his country doesn’t exist a written registration of births.
We will study, for him, several Lunar Returns to place many sensors, Mars first of all, to discover, month by month, if Mars will fall in the House that we think.

If you want comment these exercises, you can write on my blog:


Edmond 6

Edmond (Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 15th 1976, 3:42 PM), has now to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for September 22th 2010.

Well, the Aimed Lunar Return for Minneapolis is good, with the conjunction Jupiter-Uranus in the tenth House, but we can obtain over by a no expansive trip: going to Machias, Maine, where we put Jupiter very closed to MC, but with Mars and Saturn in two different Houses.


Edmond 7

Edmond has to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for next October.

His Lunar Return for October 2010 and for Minneapolis is very bad, indeed the opposite way respect the meanings of the tenth House and against the 30 rules (“Transits and Solar Returns”, Ricerca ’90 Publisher: these rules value even for Lunar Returns, but with the integration of the 20 rules of “Lunar Returns and Earth Returns”, Ricerca ’90 Publisher).

We can choose two very good alternatives:

1) Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, Russia (I was there some years ago and it is very easy to reach this city of the extreme East of Siberia: a direct flight from Moscow, with a very good airplane, by a 8h.15’ trip). Here we have Jupiter in the tenth House, closed to MC.


2) Venice, in Italy, that doesn’t need of presentations. Here we have Saturn over 12° degrees far the MC and Sun, Mercury and Venus in the tenth House.


Edmond 8

Edmond has to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for next November 2010.

For November 15th, the Minneapolis Lunar Return of Edmond doesn’t possess the requisites of our exercises.

The solution is a lot easy and cheap: Merced, California, with Venus closed to MC and Sun even in the tenth House.  San Francisco is no possible because Mars should be on the 12^ House’s cusp.


Edmond 9

Edmond has to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for next December 2010.

We have written that these exercises are technical ones and not real. We have even written, let me remember to you, that the subject desires only to improve the tenth House of the own Lunar Returns and he has no problems to depart every month.

The Lunar Return for Edmond, for Minneapolis, and for December 13th 2010, is no good to potentiate the tenth House.

A good solution is, instead, Fort Franklin, Canada, OAG Airport code YWJ, longitude 123°25’ West and Latitude 65° 11’ North. Being this a Lunar Return and not a Solar Return, we can accept the Ascendant in the tenth House of the Natal Chart, even if there are bad transits on the Celestials. The conjunction Jupiter-Uranus, instead, is very closed to the MC.


Edmond 10

Edmond (Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 15th 1976, 3:42 PM), with the premises explained in the Exercise Number 1, has to organize his Aimed Lunar Return for next January 2011.

The Lunar Return for Edmond and for January 9th 2011 is not performant in Minneapolis with a very bad Saturn in the tenth House.


My choice is fallen, instead, on Naka Shibetsu, Okkaido, Japan.Many my readers and students fear a conjunction Sun-Venus in the eight House, but it is, usually, a wrong thought because it can mean a good extraordinary entrance of money, over all if the one is contemporarily to a very good tenth House with Jupiter very closed to the Medium Coeli.

If you want comment these exercises, you can write on my blog:

Here you can see some video-clips, "Pills of Astrology", in English, that explain what Lunar Returns are and how to use them.
I am sorry for my bad English, but I thought that, for my English readers, was preferable to listen me that speak with a no correct English instead listen me in Italian with subtitles.

Read the Free Book to Interpret the Lunar Returns

Note: The following interpretations are the same as the Solar Returns ( that in the Author's experience are equivalent.


The Twelve Houses that you can adjust in Lunar Returns

Since I began studying Lunar Returns, I realized that their traditional reading – which I define a ‘scholastic’ system of analysis – is not good. From a book on LRs, most readers expect to be guided along routes like this: “The Ascendant of Solar Return falls in the Ninth natal House, in the sign of Aries, while the MC of Lunar Return falls in the Sixth natal House, in the sign of Capricorn, and Mars is in the First House of Lunar Return, in Taurus...” Personally I think that such an attempt is real nonsense, because the author of such text should list dozens of thousands of combinations. Focus only on the three main elements of a chart (the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the Rising sign): they give rise to 12 × 12 × 12 = 1,728 combinations. So, in my opinion, on the one hand certain readers may have the need of a protective womb to guide them by the hand, step by step, through the pages of a manual containing all the possible variables that one might meet when reading a chart of Lunar Return.

And on the other hand, certain authors may have fancies of power that lead them to believe that they can really measure up to writing the ultimate manual. This reminds me of someone who went out of his way reckoning the number of variables that come into play when reading a birth chart – which also applies to the reading of a chart of Lunar Return. He claimed to have detected “a figure with thirty zeros”. Now, if you think that nine zeros is a billion, you can understand very well that pretending to have control over thirty zeros implies the need to hospitalize in a lunatic asylum both the reader and possibly also the author who, in this case, is probably cherishing the idea of being God himself.

This also reminds me of an incident that happened several years ago, when I was at the beginning of my study of astrology... It was in the early seventies. Very proudly, I was one of the first ones accustomed to use a pseudo-pocket calculator. It was in deed a real computer: of course it had very limited memory capacity, but theoretically it could work with what later would be called ‘chains’ – i.e. sort of tiny strips of magnetic material very similar to what today may correspond to the PMCIA interface: the new standard of a peripheral interface designed for palmtop computers since 1993. My little jewel, which I will never forget, was a Hewlett-Packard programmable handheld calculator. If I remember it correctly, it was called ‘Model 21’. A little later I would purchase another one, little more powerful calculator with printer, called HP97 – I still own it: for certain functions it is still unbeatable. With these machines I had made a tiny program to calculate the longitude of the Sun and the Lunar Returns. Then I made an attempt to cast the primary directions also. My effort would succeed at 99%, but this is another story.

I mention it because my interest on primary directions led me to go and visit Angelo Brunini, whose book I was reading and carefully studying. He lived in Rome, so I had to organize a small expedition from Naples to the Capital. Three of my friends, who were inseparable by those times, joined the party, which we christened The Campania Group of Astrology. Eventually my dear friend Pantaleo Cappelluti from Castellammare di Stabia, Franco Futia from San Giorgio a Cremano, and Ermanno Ricciardi from Benevento travelled with me to meet Angelo Brunini.

I remember that our expedition started from my home on a cold winter’s morning before dawn. We easily arrived at Mr. Brunini’s home, whom my friend Ricciardi already knew quite well. As for me, I was disappointed. In fact, I asked Mr. Brunini certain technical questions concerning the calculation of primary directions, which I was longing to solve since months. Unluckily, he skirted my questions. But you see: experience – any kind of experience, as I would realize many years later – is never useless. In fact on that occasion, I had the chance of watching Brunini work.

He did not consider our meeting as the visit of scholars but as a regular, professional service of astrological counselling. He calculated his rate based on the time we spent together, and we regularly paid the due amount to him. Please do not think that I am criticizing his attitude; on the contrary!

I consider it perfectly acceptable, also taking into consideration that by that time Brunini was already an elder man living on a modest income, who was mainly concerned in not wasting his precious time. So instead of answering my questions, he preferred to make a sort of astrological consultation for my friend Ricciardi making use of primary directions. This is when I saw certain things that hit my attention. Brunini used a large amount of charts, which I obtained by ripping irregularly a large sheet of paper that storekeepers used to wrap loose pasta with. He ‘drew’ the charts by simply pressing a well-inked stamp on to those pieces of torn paper; then he swiftly added the details, using various shades of colours. He drew your birth chart, the chart of your conception, the chart of the new moon before your birth, different charts of Solar and Lunar Returns, and so on. At this point, with that huge mass of almost illegible charts, he began the counselling. He attempted to have the different charts mutually penetrate each other, and then he produced – almost as a juggler at the circus – a sequel of prophecies concerning my friend Ricciardi.

On the other hand, my friend swore that on other occasions, Brunini had made forecast for him that had become true. We looked at each other, and listened to everything with our mouths half opened. “As you can see, the Moon of the second full moon after your birth is sextile to the Placidus cusp of the Fourth House of the first Lunar Return...” If the whole thing had been filmed by Federico Fellini over the wonderful melodies of Nino Rota, we would have got a magic show, halfway between his Amarcord and a NeverEnding Story.

Let it be clear that I tell you this episode in full respect for the memory of Brunini, whose book was instrumental in forming me as an astrologer. However, be it also clear that if I open my heart to a live episode of my astrological ‘old days’, I did not absolutely intend to denigrate Mr. Brunini: I simply wanted to show you a possible way to ‘make astrology’ – a way which I personally consider absurd.

Later, in the years and the decades that followed that incident, I came across other ‘weird’ colleagues who made predictions about you mingling esoteric, karmic and judicial astrology; using pendulums; reading your hands resting on their hands; trying also to sell you their home-made shampoo; and so on – with no intention of criticizing anybody. I am sure that you have already understood that I stand for a clear, technical astrology, without no need of the astrologer wearing dark glasses at the beginning of the session. Those who attend or have attended my studio, find lots of white and a lot of bright light, even in winter.

This reminds me of the day in which I had a consultation with a dear lady from the province of Naples. She was very emotionally distressed, and as I was desperately trying to give her the right suggestions for her life, there was a black-out in our district. This lasted several hours, so I had to light up a candle and that feeble flame on my desktop was probably the message of my unconscious throwing light on the truth: that day, I was simply unable to shine a light on that case.

Enough of digressions for the time being: let us revert back to astrology, which in my opinion requires a nimble structure, easy to operate. What an astrologer does not understand in a chart will not be made clearer by the introduction of some forty asteroids, a pair of black moons and a dozen Arab parts of Fortune and Death, in addition to all the fixed stars. In my opinion, in both the birth chart and the chart of Lunar Return, you have to consider a few elements only, but such elements on which you can rely fully. I have always been using this method for almost thirty years of practice and over thousands of charts of birth and of LR, and I have always been comfortable with it.

I am personally convinced that the direction of the session of counselling is up to the astrologer, not to the counselee. It cannot be otherwise. Those counselees who thought otherwise, did not return to me a second time. In fact, sometimes a counselee arrives who insist on asking me about his grandchildren or about purchasing lottery tickets, while I rather dwell for almost an hour on the Sixth House of his Lunar Return. He may not like this, but I do so because I believe that every case has its unique specificity and the number of minutes that should be devoted to a specific area within the overall reading of a chart of LR must necessarily be an exclusive decision of the astrologer, who must also be the director, the ‘artist’ or the ‘technician’ (as you prefer) of each counselling.

In my early years as an astrologer, my sessions of counselling could last up to four hours in a row. I accepted to chat about everything, even about Popper, Feyerabend and the philosophical question of free will. While respecting those who still think that this is a good way of making counselling, I have changed my method for quite a while now, despite the fact that it may often give way to a real wave of aggression from the counselee. I always have in front of me, on the computer monitor, three charts: the natal chart, the current Lunar Return and the immediate Lunar Return to come. While chatting with the counselee, I continuously change the chart of the future LR, evaluating several possible relocations also depending on our conversation. I never hold more than three sessions per day, be they for relatives, friends, acquaintances or consultants.

They cannot be either too long or too short. But if you consider that I give a lot of advice to my students by phone or e-mail, I end up examining 15 to 20 cases every day. I typically record each session on a 60-minutecassette of magnetic tape. Sometimes it is little more, sometimes it is much less: especially when I address practical people who have the ‘right’ (at least in my opinion) approach to the question, i.e. leaving the steering of the session in the astrologer’s hands. As I have said many times, to be a true professional an astrologer should have himself had a long psychoanalytic training, to avoid projecting his own problems on others. An example of this theory follows. At the time of writing these lines I am literally frightened at the possibility of being infected with HIV at the barber or at the dentist. Nevertheless, in the last ten years or so I have mentioned this risk to a maximum of two counselees, who in my opinion were seriously running the risk of infection.

The goodness of a method can be seen from a set of circumstances. For this reason, speaking of professional astrologers, if I were to ask a colleague for advice for myself, I would surely ask Peter Van Wood, whose technical method is very close to mine and with whom I think I can share almost the same number of sessions of counselling even if he started much earlier than I. (A note from the Author: This was my opinion as of 1993. Several valuable colleagues have been ‘growing’ since then.)

So, in the early seventies my consultants already knew my passion for the study of Lunar Returns; and when they asked me what are the factors that are necessary to be examined in a chart of LR, this is what I replied.

1) In which House of the natal chart lies the Ascendant of the LR;

2) In which House of the Lunar Return chart exists a stellium (if any) of the LR;

3) In which House of the Lunar Return chart is the Sun of the LR located;.

4) In which House of the Lunar Return chart is Mars of the LR located;

5) Everything else, but far less.

Today, after more than three decades since then, I still answer exactly the same way, because I have verified in practice that this is the right choice. Those who want to consider ten, one hundred or even more elements of a Lunar Return perhaps are not able to read it, and they try to compensate the quality of responses with quantity.

I continue to follow the teachings of my great master, André Barbault, even in this point. In fact, Barbault’s charts are apparently bare, but they say it all. Draw the celestials outside the circle; highlight the dominants and the strongest aspects. You do not need anything else. All must be played on what André calls ‘the keyboard of the symbols’. Our individual and collective unconscious speaks to us with simple symbols. Taking part in different congresses of medicine in the thirties, Carl Gustav Jung, in alarm, forecasted the huge holocaust that would soon destroy Germany. In fact, many of his German patients who went to Zurich to be analysed by him, reported of dreams that tracked continuously the mythologem of Germany – the knight who slays the Dragon with his lance, with great bloodshed. Do you really think that the vertical drop of Giulio Andreotti and other politicians involved in the judicial investigation known as Tangentopoli - Mani Pulite was so disguised in their Lunar Returns to be hardly recognizable? Personally, in 1989 I made very dark forecasts on Queen Elizabeth, which were published in my book titled Il sale dell’astrologia, published by Capone Editore in 1990 [TN: The Salt of Astrology, not available in English].

Well, do you really think that to be able to ‘read’ those events I had needed to cast horoscopes of conception, analysis thousands of fixed stars, Arab Parts of Fortune and Death, transits, progressions and primary directions? No, not at all. Remember; always work with three charts in front of your eyes: the chart of the subject’s birth, his current Lunar Return and – on the computer screen – the dynamic chart of his future Lunar Return. For example, you can process it with the program of Discepolo-Miele called Molriv, which allows you to see very quickly what would change if the counselee relocated the chart of his next Lunar Return.

In another section part of this book you will read of the forecast concerning Corrado Ferlaino, the President of Naples football club Napoli. I must admit that on that occasion I was quite lucky, because I assumed that also considering the timetable of the football matches, Mr. Ferlaino would surely spend his birthday in Naples, and if not, he would have been elsewhere in Italy. In that case I made a forecast followed by ten exclamation points, or as Francesco Cossiga would have said: “a stroke of axe”. Out of metaphor, I was so sure of the outcome of the forecast, that any good student of my school could have done the same.

In the following pages we examine the twelve Houses: they are all very much in astrology, and they are quite everything in Lunar Returns. Remember that the relocation of the Lunar Return can easily change the position of the Houses [NT: also referred to as domification by the Author] from ‘under the feet of the counselee’, while that of the celestials in the signs or the aspects in which the celestials of the LR are mutually involved cannot be changed in any way.

Each of the following paragraphs concerning a House may refer to four different combinations: the Sun of the LR falling in that House of LR; the Mars of LR falling in that House of LR; a stellium of LR falling in that House of LR; and the AS of the LR falling in that House of the natal chart. It is not so important to establish which of these four items is more important. As for the order of importance, stick to the 5-point-list given a few lines above. Do not stick obstinately to details, but try to capture the soul of the symbol. Also remember that the most important vibrations are those that should guide you in the reading of the chart of LR.

Remember also that God or the Great Architect who designed this amazing system of knowledge, offers it to us as an interactive and redundant game of logic, with such clear and striking indications that seems made for people of ‘simple mind’. For example, if the transits of a period inform you of an upcoming important ‘financial bleeding’ for the subject, the in 90% of cases you will also find that the Ascendant of his Lunar Return of that year falls in his natal Fourth House, both elements pointing to a lot of money spent on the purchase or renovation of a house.



Ascendant of Lunar Return in the First natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the First House of LR; Sun of LR in the 1st House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 1st House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

In order of negative importance, this combination of a LR ranks in the second place, immediately after the Ascendant of LR falling in the natal 12th House. Still, second place in this case means that, if the first place scores 100 point, the second place scores 99 points, not 20! This is a very dangerous combination, which I advise to avoid forever. Taking into consideration the age of the subject as well as the general circumstances of his/her life at the time of this LR, you will certainly be able to understand the scope of troubles that this combination usually implies. In many cases, you would be allowed to reassure your counselee on the real extent of these problems. In fact, if this is the LR of a child, it is not so risky. You shall therefore distinguish three age groups, namely: approximately zero to twenty, twenty to fifty, and over fifty. We usually say about kids: “When the fall, they prove to be made of rubber”. In fact, for them, falling off a bike or the skates, making a ski jump, banging their head somewhere while coming out of the water, and so on – they are seldom really serious events. So, the question is: “Why does the Lunar Return shows such events?” The answer is, because actually it could also be an appendix or tonsils operation instead. While these are not serious things, they still are events out of the norm. Remember, however, that the reading of the First House may have both medical and aesthetic implications. Once, a LR whose Ascendant was falling in the radical First House pointed out, a posteriori (i.e. it turned out so when I met the woman after her LR) a simple weight loss, which the lady had brought forward with a ferocity close to insanity. In fact, that year she had lost about 42 kg. However, if it occurs simultaneously with the transit of Jupiter over the natal Ascendant of the subject, you can forecasts that this combination of LR gladdens the person’s heart: he or she may feel happy or fall in love; therefore he/she slows down the inhibitions and can put up ten to fifteen kilos in a few months. For men, it may point to a complete change of looks: for example, they may start frequenting a gym for body-builders, or they may simply resolve to grow a brand new beard.

As you can see, it can also invoke absolutely trivial meanings. On the other hand, it is the task of the astrologer to put this combination in relation with the contemporary transits and the overall situation of the individual. For example, if the Ascendant of LR falls in the First natal House of a man of forty, at the same time in which he also has a transit of Saturn on his natal Moon – which is one of the worst transits in my opinion – then you need to trigger the alarm bell because the overall reading of this astrological combination may even point to infarction. Still, never forget the relationship with the odds in the game. Again, if a child takes a bad fall it is seldom a drama, while a septuagenarian slipping on the stairs can retain very serious consequences from that event.

Antagonizing and potentiating – this could be my motto applied to astrology. I usually follow cases of seriously ill individuals, such as people who underwent several surgical operations to remove tumours. Of course with this I do not presume to take God’s place. My mental attitude is simply to follow the famous adage, God helps those who help themselves. Doctors also do not abandon these people; by taking care of them, they do what they can to extend their life as long as possible. In these cases, since you know that the first five years are those of major risk (after five years, a patient has virtually the same chance of getting cancer than a healthy man), what I recommend in this case is five Aimed Lunar Returns in a row, that is: to relocate five Lunar Returns one after another, if necessary. Of course, this usually implies travelling across several time zones, not a few miles only. In these cases, the search for suitable relocations happens in a completely different way than what guides me when I try to enhance somebody’s professional status or sentimental life. In fact, in this case I do my best to avoid – for the following five years – any role of the 1st, 6th and 12th House in the LR. Hence I do my utmost to avoid the Ascendant of LR falling in any of the three aforementioned Houses of the subject’s birth chart. At the same time, I also avoid that a stellium or the Sun or the Mars of LR occupies the 1st, 6th and 12th House of the LR. I know that, at this point, some people would turn up their nose at these lines, asking: “So, what must we take into account? The Houses of the Lunar Return or the Houses of the birth chart?” The answer is that the rule is not rigid, so you have to use your brain and never stop thinking. For this reason, Gustavo Miele, Luigi Miele, Ennio Dinacci, Francesco Maggiore and I have developed certain semi-automatic computer programs that can deploy a tremendous amount of work, although they will never be able to take the place of man in this field.

It is not easy to avoid the involvement of three Houses in the planning of an Aimed Lunar Return. First of all, you should have a good knowledge of geography. Second, you should possibly run a good software package like ours, called Molriv, which draws a base Lunar Return on your screen that you can modify, watching in real time the effect of small shifts of its relocation towards east and west from the starting location. So, let us suppose a LR taking place in Central Europe with an AS of LR falling into the natal 12th House of the subject. In order to avoid this combination, first of all I would try relocation to Lisbon, Portugal; then the Canaries or Madeira; and if this is not enough, I would consider the Azores too. There are certain cases which are extremely difficult to solve, geographically speaking. On the other hand, very few are truly unsolvable. Please also refer to my book Esercizi sulle Rivoluzioni solari mirate, Blue Diamond Publisher [TN: Exercises on the Aimed Lunar Returns, not available in English].

Returning to our cancer patient, the second thing I try to do – when possible – is to put the Venus of LR in the Sixth House of LR, or Jupiter of LR in the Twelfth or in the Sixth House of LR. Venus in the 12th House of LR can also help one’s health, but it may also imply negative consequences for the subject’s sentimental life. If all this is not possible

Of course, a significant involvement of the 1st House in a chart of LR can be explained very well if one has to undergo a surgery, which may sometimes be necessary or simply made for aesthetic reasons. If you have gallstones and you happen to have the AS of LR falling in your natal 1st, there is no use in trying to swim against the tide and relocate the LR – you had better undergo surgery. Some will ask: “Isn’t it much more dangerous to be operated in these astrological circumstances?” My answer is no, provided that you follow precise astrological rules like those that I list in my book Astrologia applicata, published in Italy by Armenia. (A note from the Author: In the last years I have been changing my mind on this point, because I have met certain negative cases that make me stick to the initial consideration – as I said at the beginning of this paragraph, I would never leave unchanged a LR with a significant involvement of the 1st House.)

There is much left to say on the so-called ‘mental’ pathologies. In fact, when you see a significant role of this House with (for example) Saturn, Uranus and/or Neptune of LR occupying the 1st House of LR, your diagnosis is facilitated: very often, in fact, they point to a period of so-called ‘nervous breakdown’, better defined with states of anxiety and different forms of depression, anguish, phobias of every kind. These diseases are no less serious than a broken rib; you should not underestimate them at all. For a woman of fifty, who is also in a very critical period of her life, such a position can be very tough because it may lead her into a deep existential crisis from which she could only get out through the use of psychotropic drugs.

The 1st House also refers to ‘having a spine’ or, conversely, ‘lacking spine’. For this reason, sometimes, this combination may even be positive, especially if the subject usually has a weak will. But always remember: this is true only if the transits that take place during the LR also confirm it.

This combination may also relate to abortion, pregnancy and childbirth (which imply changes in the structure of the mother’s body).

For some categories, it is something completely different. Let us consider politicians. They are men and women who are so fiercely attached to power that, in certain circumstances, their losing power can be clearly indicated by a stellium of malefic celestials of LR in the First House of LR. Andrea Rossetti wrote two fine articles on this subject concerning the cases of two Italian political leaders, Claudio Martelli and Giulio Andreotti, published in the issue #15 of my quarterly magazine Ricerca ’90. In other words, one might say that politicians get sick much less than the average person, perhaps because they have a strong libido, which is directed toward power. But if they lose their power, the first ‘warning light’ of this is their weakened health. Many politicians involved in the judicial investigation Mani Pulite (also known as Tangentopoli) expressed their political troubles by losing their health too.

Finally, what if you cannot just move in order to relocate a LR containing one of these positions? Well, you can still try to exorcise the symbol following one of the pieces of good advice that I have repeatedly explained in my writings. For example, you may ask your dentist to make a significant intervention on your teeth; or you may ask a surgeon to have your cyst removed; or you can purchase an exercise bicycle and pedal more than half an hour every day. Thus, you would be able to produce those ‘changes in your body’ that the involvement of the 1st House in a chart of LR typically implies. Please refer to my volume Astrologia Attiva, published in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranee.

Let me stress that my attitude concerning the First House of LR is sort of a root cause of problems in my school. In fact, even ‘ancient’ students of mine – who define themselves ‘orthodox followers’ of my school of Astrology – think that after all, you can relocate LR’s to remove a detrimental Ascendant of LR in the natal Twelfth House so that you displace it into the natal 1st. Yes, perhaps the 12th House is 1% more detrimental than the 1st House. So, I have endeavoured in every way to make it clear to my readers that, after all, a 1% difference is virtually equal to zero, thus – in a chart of LR – the involvement of any House among the 1st, 6th or 12th is detrimental with the same intensity. There is nothing to reason about it – you simply have to avoid any of these Houses being involved in some way in the chart of LR. In the overwhelming majority of cases these three Houses imply serious physical or mental damage, which may be caused by any sort of misfortune: for example, it may be your partner leaving you; your being accused of a serious crime; surgeries; illnesses; infections; broken bones; accidents; losing your job; and so on.

Hoping to be fully understood, perhaps I should say once again that in no case should you keep such an astrological combination in a LR.



Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Second natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Second House of LR; Sun of LR in the 2nd House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 2nd House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

In almost all cases, they point to an increased, or more fluent, circulation of money. It may be incoming, but also outgoing. As with all the other Houses, in this case too you have to discriminate among several elements. The first thing to consider is the age and the general situation of the subject. The reading of this combination can be completely different depending on your counselee being a young man, an older woman or an aged man, for example. As I have written elsewhere, you can understand the real meaning of this combination of elements by considering the subject’s birth chart together with his/her transits, as well as the overall reading of the chart of LR itself. Often, it is sufficient to ask direct questions to the counselee to understand it all. For example, say that Tom is going to buy a house.

His LR containing one of the aforementioned combinations clearly and exhaustively explains that he is going to suffer from ‘haemorrhage of money’ because of this fact. Other times it is less simple to guess what this combination really points to. If you detect it in the LR of young persons, it may indicate that they are about to get a job and start working; thus, the involvement of the 2nd House in this case surely refers to their first salaries. Of course, it is much harder to decipher it if the LR belongs to young or very young people. But you should always start from the assumption that it is the stars that must make things clear – not the astrologer. Astrology is something that really works: therefore there is always a logical explanation to everything.

Also, do not forget that the Lunar Return is a sort of your daily newspaper, whose headlines show the main events of your life during the twelve months covered by that specific chart of LR. Usually, the position of the Ascendant of LR in the natal Houses tells you what is the ninecolumn headline on the first page. So, in this case the main headline cries: “Money!” and you know that the LR does not lie. It never lies. Thus, it is up to you to understand it and understand it well. It is up to your brilliant mind, to your grounding and to your qualification as an astrologer. Money can flow as an income for several reasons: settlements that you

However, this combination typically points to significant income or expenditure of money – at least, significant for the finances of an average worker. Often, during such a LR, money flows in both directions. It may be the case of a professional who starts earning a decent monthly incoming ‘under the table’ that allows him or her to purchase a number of more or less important things required for his/her main profession.

The role of the Second House in the chart of LR is not dangerous, if compared to the others. Sometimes I use it in relocations, to ‘park’ a huge stellium in it. Not long ago I found myself studying the case of a politician – not a prominent one – who was involved in judicial, economic, political and even health troubles. In fact, his health had literally blown up because of his fears of losing power. On the day of his birthday, this gentleman would have had an exceptional stellium, concentrated in about 45 degrees of the Zodiac. In cases like this I would not even dream of placing the Ascendant of LR in the natal 10th House! In fact, together with detrimental transits, this would imply a complete reversal of the subject’s social situation.

Certain cases are very difficult to treat with relocation. This was one of those, perhaps the most dramatic one, because it was virtually impossible to be solved in any way. If I had placed his stellium anywhere else, the AS of LR would have fallen into one of the Houses of the birth chart that I consider detrimental. How did I resolve the situation then? Of course, my first impulse was to wash my hands and give up. But it is not my style.

So, I took my responsibility and I warned his wife (for she was the one who asked for my advice, not him) to have her husband spend his next birthday in New York City, where the whole stellium would have occupied the Second House of LR. As I am writing these lines, the subject is still having his LR, so I do not know yet how it would end up – but I can imagine that he is going to face a total financial failure. Still, at least I believe that in this way I have helped him to save his skin and not end up in jail. Money is important, very important; but they are not the most important thing of all. Do you remember that film with Alberto Sordi, whose protagonist was a poor guy who resolved to sell one of his eyes?

In my long practice of counselling, I have known people who ended up literally on the street, totally ruined, and even more than once. But then they had the power to ‘rise again’ with the support of a real friend

Sometimes, it can work very well. For example, say that Tom has a well-placed Saturn in his natal Second House. He has been in debt all of his life, yet never dramatically. But Saturn is Chronos, the Time: it promises a good financial situation, over the years. So, in the year when Tom receives a nice Jupiter trine to his natal Sun and he also has a reasonably good economic project, you can suggest to him to relocate his LR so that the AS is positioned in his natal 2nd House. By doing so, it may be that in that year – not in another – that he stops accumulating debts and his financial situation starts getting more and more stable.

However, here in Italy, the 2nd House usually implies big problems. In America, banks lend money to almost everyone, with an interest of 3%. (A note from the Author: I wrote these lines in 1993.) That is the land of plenty, where even the poor can find the funding to become a millionaire in no time. Here in Italy, banks lend money with interests that may even reach 20-25%. If you turn to moneylenders of the Camorra, their interest (but – is it still correct to call it interest?) may reach 500% per year.

Now you can understand why I had one of my more dramatic sessions of counselling with a contractor who had gotten bogged down in debt with the Camorra and he could not afford repaying it. For this reason, he was hunted by killers who wanted to eliminate him. I advised him to escape abroad. I haven’t heard from him since then. The positions listed in the header of this paragraph do not necessarily point to money. They may also refer to one’s physical appearance. I met several men who, like me, enjoy wearing blue-jeans and sweaters. (A note from the Author: Remember, I wrote these lines in 1993.) With a strong stellium of LR in the Second House of LR, some of them completely changed their looks.

One of them got a new job that involved attention to the client, spurring him to change his habits radically and start wearing suit and tie. He is wearing very elegant clothes since then. Once I met a handsome, supersized young man with romantic eyes who used to drive several girls crazy. Asking aimed questions, I rebuilt his past life. After many “I do not remember” and “I do not think so”, I got to know that as a baby his pretty face was used for advertisements which appeared on billboards all over South Africa. This happened exactly in a year in which the Ascendant of his LR had fallen in his natal 2nd House. When the natal Second House is occupied by the cusp of the Ascendant of LR, or when the 2nd House of LR, and this also implies significant elements of Pisces and/or Taurus, very often this can lead to periods of incredible thinness or overweight, usually due to problems of anorexia or bulimia. So, in a year in which the 2nd House plays a primary role (I say ‘year’, but you know that I always refer to the chart of Lunar Return), you may have cases of people heroically losing (or putting on!) 20 kg or more of weight.

Returning to money, remember that in the year when the 2nd House is in the foreground, you can have cases of individuals showing polar attitudes concerning money. During such a LR, some of them may become greedy even if they are spendthrift; others may become spendthrift even if they are greedy. Do not forget, however, that no lamp can be switched on or off if the electrical system is not already there, with its indications, in the natal chart!

Even the Second House can be used strategically in the relocation of LR’s. If you see in advance that your chart of LR is bad, you can relocate it so that the AS of LR falls into the natal 2nd and invest in real estate during that year, for example in a timeshare property. In this way, you would give something to the astrological ‘gods’ that requires great sacrifices, but at least, you would hardly waste your money for nothing. I think I have summarized in short – but clearly enough – the question of the exorcism of the symbol in my book Il sale dell’astrologia that publisher Capone Editore in Turin accepted to print with reluctance and whose success eventually surprised him very much.

Finally, I would like to clarify one more point. I have said many times that sight – especially visual impairment – is related to the axis Virgo/ Pisces and to the axis Sixth/Twelfth House. On the other hand I also insist that looks, image, photography, cinema and theatre… are almost exclusively in the realm of the Second House. So people ask me, “Was Lisa Morpurgo right about the 2nd House, or are you right?” In my opinion both of us are right, but they are two different things.

There is no doubt that when it comes to potential directors, actors, set designers, photographers and extraordinarily photogenic people, Lisa was right. In fact, in my opinion the connection between these aspects of life and the 2nd House is one of Lisa’s greatest discoveries. But when it comes to eye pathologies, then I could prove beyond any doubt that the Houses and signs involved are those that have I mentioned before. In short, I repeat, sight and looks are two different things.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Third natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Third House of LR; Sun of LR in the 3rd House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 3rd House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

The Third House requires a complex reasoning, because it hides major traps, sometimes. First, you need to situate the correct status of the subject. For example, your counselee may be an intellectual who likes riding the motorcycle, with also a natural predisposition to be involved in traffic accidents. In this case, your field of reading of this House is greatly restricted. In fact, for such an individual, the AS of LR falling in his natal 3rd could probably point to him writing a new book. The bottom line is that the chart of LR always ‘shouts’ the headlines of an imaginative newspaper containing the events of the following twelve months.

So, since this individual is accustomed to riding a motorbike and to be involved in more or less serious accidents, surely the 3rd House of LR does not point to anything like this. To make a completely opposite example, the 3rd House in the LR of a successful writer – who may publish at least one important book every year – would not probably point to yet another book, but to something of much more significance. On the other hand, this astrological combination would be significant if it’s the case of a writer of, say, science-fiction, who writes a detective story during this LR – i.e. something quite unusual for him.

I haven’t checked Umberto Eco’s LR’s, but I find it plausible that he might have had a LR with a significant involvement of the 3rd House when he wrote The Name of the Rose, given that his most famous work at the time was a A Theory of Semiotics. However, this may not be the most appropriate interpretation, considering that here in Italy virtually everybody – sooner or later – writes a book... Conversely I would be ready to bet that, for the average Italian male between thirty and fifty years, a LR whose Ascendant falls in his natal 3rd House points to his car being stolen or exchanged for a newer model. In some Italian towns, this is even truer: in Naples, for example, it would be an absolute certainty.

A friend of mine is a member of Parliament. Please, do not speculate about it, because I have many friends who are deputies, although not all are as fond of me as I am fond of them… To make a long story short, a few years ago I suggested him to relocate his LR in Thailand, adding the following clue: “You’ll have to buy a new car when you come back!” In fact, two months later his car was stolen. Of course, the 3rd House may also refer to two-wheeled vehicles or to pedestrian crossings. Consider for example the following case. A lady was studying astrology based on our sessions of counselling. Once she tried to get prepared in advance for a LR with a significant role of the 3rd House.

For a variety of reasons (not only based on astrological fact) she thought she would soon be involved in some accident, and I agreed. So, she did her best to exorcise or discharge the symbol. She sold her car and avoided getting in the car of her acquaintances either, especially those known for being reckless drivers. She resolved to travel only on half empty buses, to avoid the risk of being thrown down by the crowd when entering or leaving the vehicle. Everything seemed to be under control – but was it? Not at all! Despite travelling on an empty vehicle, a sudden and hard braking slammed her against a metal rod on the bus: this left her with a broken arm and a fractured rib. Some of you might wish to indulge in philosophic considerations about this event; I don’t, for the reasons I have explained in many writings of mine.

In 90% of cases, when this LR refers to a boy or a girl, it typically points to unexpected results at school – both positive and negative. For example, it may be an exam that would be passed unexpectedly; or on the other hand it may also be the contrary – a failure which the subject did not really expect. In any case, as a father I would not even dream of suggesting an aimed birthday to my daughter simply to avoid a failure at school.

The disproportion between the two events would lead me to a psychiatric clinic. In other parts of this volume, as well as in other texts of mine, you can read that – except in very rare cases – I do not agree with relocating the Lunar Returns for kids. The main reason is that in the vast majority of cases, even the worst events of a kid’s life are usually resolved with relatively light penalties. Breaking a femur is much different if it happens to a teenager or to an octogenarian – for the latter, the event might even be fatal. Whoever reads this book will find in various sections of it certain judgments that might appear to be ‘moral’. Beware though: they are much more complex. Therefore, I do not invite you to do exactly what I do. I simply provide you with a great practice, dating back for ages. Eventually, everyone will find his or her own salt of Astrology.

Let us proceed. In a critical age, say between twenty and thirty years, a LR with a strong role of the Third House can determine a date with destiny. For example, it may point to a permanent discontinuation of studies, especially if such LR takes places at the same time as one of the ugliest transits, the one I fear the most: Saturn dissonant to the Moon. On this subject, you can also refer to the magnificent essay published by Mario Zoli in Ricerca ’90, issue #16, October 1993. But, as everybody knows, the Third House is also the House of brothers, sisters and brothers in law. Here is an example of sheer luck. A woman, kissed by fortune since birth, has the transit of Saturn on her natal Sun, which is in the 3rd House. She complains to her friends about the only negative consequence of this transit, saying: “You know? One of my brothers is pretty bad.” The same may happen, or something very similar to this, with a Third-House-LR.

Everybody knows that on issues of interest – especially inheritance – even the best families become wolves to themselves. So it may happen that Tom has just had a LR with the Ascendant falling in his natal 3rd House, and he suddenly becomes the target of huge family disputes, for example because of a brother or a sister-in-law. Do not forget, in fact, that the in-laws may also play a significant role in our daily life.

Back to cars and means of transport – another area of readings of the 3rd House – remember that here in Italy the leading cause of death, excluding heart attacks, are road accidents. More people die in a car accident on our roads than the victims of our wars of the Risorgimento. You may know that there is a dispute between Freudian and Jungian analysts on the symbolic meaning of the car. Freudians consider car as an extension of the penis, while the followers of Carl Gustav Jung, car is the projection of the anima. In fact, men tend to caress their car for hours, and most of them give female names to their car. In any case cars, motorcycles and bicycles end up virtually saturating the daily life of those people whose LR has – for example, in a given year – a significant stellium in its Third House.

In many cases, a LR with an involvement of the 3rd House may indicate a period of hard commuting, with the subject covering a distance of fifty or more miles to go to work at morning and back home at night. Or it may point to your reading a book that will be critical to your future development.

It may also indicate significant changes in the relationships with others. They may be either positive or negative. For example, it may be the case of a clerk who, under a LR of this kind, is displaced from an exclusive backoffice to the front-office of the department of customer complaints. In a case like this, I might say that the Third House of LR is as bad as the Sixth.

Nowadays, (thankfully!) informatics occupies a large space in our lives. So you can – and you must – find sensible correlations between the meanings of the 3rd House and the peripheral devices of our computer machines. In fact, after a life spent in the midst of computers of all kinds, I have noticed a clear connection between the Third House and printers. During years in which my LR had a significant involvement of the 3rd House, I purchased beautiful laser printers; but I have also experienced that under similar LR’s some of my best printers broke suddenly, causing me significant trouble in my activity.

Finally, a Third-House LR may give information on your correspondence (i.e. exchange of letters, E-mails, phone messages and so on) of that year; on your relationships with the mobile phone and the Internet; on the amount of books you read; on possible writings that you can produce; on possible courses, competitions and workshops you attend during the following twelve months.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Fourth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Fourth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 4th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 4th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

In virtually all cases, a Fourth-House LR implies that the most important events of the year are in connection with immovable property, i.e. real estate. Of course, depending on the richness of the subject as well as his or her temporary financial resources, possible issues of inheritance, sale, rent, eviction, and so on, you’ll be able to understand perfectly what this LR points to in each case. Remember that the chart or LR is the ‘yearly newspaper’ covering the main events of your life between two consecutive birthdays. When the LR has a significant involvement of the 4th House, the headline is: Sale and/or purchase of immovable property. It can be your first house, or a second house at the seaside, a timeshare property, a plot of land, but it can also point to moving to another place, renting a small apartment or maybe works of renovation at your home or workplace. In short, it can be anything concerning real estate.

Of course, whatever it is, it must be one of the main news, especially considering the fact that there is a housing crisis out there, and it is virtually impossible to move frequently – at least here in Italy. Since the Lunar Return expresses the events of the year with the utmost logic – and usually, also in a redundant way – you will surely find further explanation in your transits and/or in other parts of the same chart of LR, that help your understand better whether the flow of money concerning real estate would produce earnings or expenditures; whether the overall year covered by that LR is positive or negative; and whether those twelve months would bring troubles or satisfaction. It is usually very easy to read correctly a Fourth-House LR, because people typically plan years in advance to purchase real estate. On the other hand, a tenant in arrears may resist an eviction for months or even years, sometimes. So, this is one of those cases in which it is the counselee who can inform of anything concerning the 4th House – if not anything, at least the main aspects of the matter. However, this does not eliminate the need for good astrological advice. Say that for two years, Uranus transits close to your Imum Coeli. This clearly implies that in a span of 24 months there will be around a big change in your housing/ and/or real estate. The legitimate question is, “The transit lasts 2 years.

In which year will the change happen?” The answer is, “In the year in which the Ascendant of the LR falls in your natal 4th House, or in which your LR shows any other significant involvement of the 4th House.” However, for the vast majority of citizens – who are also the vast majority of consumers of astrology – a 4th-House LR simply points to rehabilitation works such as painting doors and walls, renovation of the bathroom, changing the furnishings of one or more rooms, and anything similar. In my astrological practice I have found that this House is very useful if you wish to ‘discharge’ transits and Lunar Returns. When in a given year, you have a LR with a significant 4th House and if you cannot or do not want to relocate, then you can simply activate it by timing the major works in winter. Could you think of anything more heinous than having to keep windows open because of the smell of paint, and a polar temperature outside? Thus you would ‘give the stars’ what they ask, and the more you give the more they will be ‘satisfied’ with it, so that you could only expect small-medium scale disasters during the year.

However, you have to be careful when you wish to ‘discharge’ or ‘exorcise’ an astrological symbol. Use these solutions only if you do not cause other – perhaps even far more threatening than the ones you pretend to avoid. The Fourth House not only refers to the place where you live,

Perhaps it may also refer to prison, although the jail has much more to do with the 8th and the 12th House. So before such a LR the question is, “Why would I run the risk of ending up in hospital?” If you need to undergo a fairly important surgery, then it is clear why – and if there is a stellium in the 4th House of your LR, you have no need to relocate. But if you are healthy as a fish, and though there are elements of danger, then you should consider relocation. In any case, even in cases of short hospital stays, I suggest to do some important works at home, even better if they are a little expensive: thus you would do your best to absorb any possible virulence of this celestial position. So you may deliberately call workers to come and paint your kitchen; and if you find their tub of concrete resting on your most comfortable and luxury couch, well… take it as a toll that you have to pay to stars. Another way to ‘live’ the Fourth House of a LR is to go and live – for longer or shorter periods – with relatives or friends in order to ‘activate’ all the possible meanings of the House.

Let me make a digression now, I often hear criticism concerning my way of reading symbols in a Jungian way, albeit within the frame of my personal view of things that I have been building for decades. My answer to these critics is very simple: A huge factual practice proves me that I am proceeding in the right direction; everything else is theory, wool over your eyes, refusals that are not supported by sufficient practice. It is as if you criticised a farmer, claiming that it is not true that his wine goes bad if it is decanted with the moon in a certain phase. He would laugh at you, saying, “Do whatever you want, but let me take care of my wine – me and the moon.” You see, for years I have been claiming to be a ‘farmer of astrology’. And I also claim to be like a radio technician: I see that if I change the valve, the radio set works again; all the rest is mental masturbation that has nothing to do with the practical side of life. End of the digression.

You shall not forget that the Fourth House also refers to parents. This would lead me to where I just said I want to stay away from – the realm of philosophical, theological, ethical, moral and deontological issues, some of them concerning a dozen of disciplines and/or moral or moralistic attitudes that certain people would like me to swallow with a funnel. The fascists used to write on their helmets: “I do not care”. I don’t subscribe to their point of view, nevertheless on this specific point I must say that I don’t care either, and I have to make yet another digression. In the summer of 1992 I relocated my Lunar Return in Miami, Florida, for a variety of

So I left for Miami and as soon as I went back, I had several repair works made at home. Feeling that this may not be enough, I also dealt with the restructuring of the whole building where I live, which cost me a shocking amount and a good number of collateral problems of long duration. Unfortunately what I had feared happened in deed: my father fell ill and was hospitalized for two different forms of heart attack. Now, could anybody claim that by relocating my LR I had been the cause of my father’s disease? I defy any reasonable person to say so. By simply relocating a Lunar Return you do not become a killer. Believe me: I have been studying this astrological reality day and night for over thirty years

– if my father had wanted to avoid a heart attack, he should have relocated his Lunar Return. Unluckily, my father is (A note from the author: I should say ‘my father was’ now, since he died after I wrote these lines) one of the more closed-minded persons I have ever known, so I know that he would have never accepted my theories about aiming one’s birthday. On the other hand, things are not very clear to me on this point.

Against hundreds of cases that I could propose, I wonder what might be the explanation one of those who claim to be pseudo-enlightened from God of those who claim to know everything about the mysteries of our Lord and about reincarnation; those who talk with utmost conceit; those who pretend to know the most hidden secrets of existence. For these reasons, I prefer to stick to… radio engineering and agriculture. I do not pretend to know anything else than ‘very little’, but the ‘very little’ that I know proves to work well, which gives me the motivation to keep going.

At the end of this paragraph, I would like to conclude with two exhortations: in the years when you get such a LR, try to convince your parents to relocate their own LR, and prepare to take better care of them during the following months.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Fifth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Fifth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 5th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 5th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

Jumping from the 4th House to the 5th House is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire: from parents to children. Each of the seemingly simple little paragraphs that I am proposing to you is basically the result of long period of inner turmoil from which I have been digressing occasionally, almost exclusively to mention radio valves and good wines. I know that by opening my mind and my heart to you, I am exposing myself to very harsh criticism and attacks – but my solar dominant, overwhelming over my Ascendant, does not allow me to cheat or to use demagoguery with my readers. This is why I always call a spade a spade (I’ll end up playing cards one of these days...).

So, let us begin this paragraph by saying that, except for rare cases of serious illness or a few other cases, I would never suggest my counselees to have their kids relocate their Lunar Returns before they become teenagers. Of course, if my counselee is a very rich person, and also with plenty of time available for travelling, so that for him/her travelling is a sort of sporting activity, then relocating is a totally different kettle of fish. For children and young people in general, I do not recommend the practice of relocating the LR’s. Do you want to know why? Well, in order to explain you the reason why I do not recommend having your kids relocate, I must refer to something written in the previous pages.

Statistics in hand, borrow the logic of the insurers, until proven otherwise I am convinced that – in the vast majority of cases and deliberately ignoring that there can be such unfortunate cases of one in five million babies who gets poliomyelitis because of a vaccine – our kids run thousands of potential dangers every day. Yet they usually remain safe, year after year, surviving even the worst tragedies. In fact, in such an industrialized country as Italy, child mortality is rare, although it is still far beyond any acceptable rate. Consider for example my daughter Luna.

She has fallen face down at least a hundred times; she got her hand trapped in a door twice, also losing one nail because of it. But apart from a little bit of constipation, she enjoys very good health and has survived the most frightening Lunar Returns. However, let us not misunderstand me.

Relocating a LR should be done according to a fundamental law of marketing: obtaining the maximum results with the least possible effort. So, if you wanted to have your kid relocate every year, every single LR from the very first one, he or she could certainly live a little better, but you would probably waste a huge amount of money, energy and other resources, much beyond the factual results that you may obtain from this practice. An example will make it clearer. What chance has a child of five years of getting cancer? I do not know, but I say a random number: perhaps one in three thousand. So, let us imagine that you place a single cartridge in a revolver whose revolving cylinder may hold up to three thousand cartridges. Then you play Russian roulette shooting at your son.

Do you really believe that you run a serious risk of killing him with such a revolver? I think you don’t. That is why I am convinced that there is no risk in non-relocating your kids’ Lunar Returns. Certainly, during a bad LR your child could be rejected at school, or he/she could break a leg falling off the scooter. But (also considering the above said on marketing, statistics, and insurers) I believe that wanting to protect your kids constantly against everything by placing them under a sort of abysmal shielding womb is an absurd law of the market – of any kind of marketplace, from the market of tomatoes to the market of souls. Many of my friends are experts in economics, so I hope to have the chance of exchanging our views with one of them on this specific point.

You may be surprised to read that not only do I theorize that it is poorly productive (in the pure sense of the word) to have your kids travel around the world every year. Long years of practice in Aimed Lunar Returns make me also believe that it is often a good idea to relocate your own Lunar Return – not that of your children – in such a way that potential dangerous elements are placed into the 5th House. This has never provoked any misfortune, except one modest accident that I’ll describe perhaps elsewhere in my writings. Certain parents are about to have a LR with elements in the 6th House. Perhaps they are very ill, so that I suggest them to relocate in order to displace those elements into the 5th House.

They typically refuse, fearing that this might harm their children. After all, here in Naples there is a saying, “Children are pieces of your heart, so leave them in peace!” So every parent choses the LR with the 6th House

– but what if he or she dies during such a detrimental LR? Would you say that he has done well, for the sake of his children? Personally I think that he or she has done wrong. Probably the most cherished treasure of children are their father and mother, so do not throw this treasure away in the mistaken belief that you have to protect your kids by avoiding any involvement of the 5th House in the sky of your own LR. In the Neapolitan melodrama the feelings come with glowing colours and coarse-grained characters. In real life we try to reason impartially.

So, let us consider a quite plausible hypothesis, very close to several real cases that I have been encountering in my activity of counselling. Imagine a father who is willing to get a 6th-House-LR because he wants to ‘protect’ his children avoiding a relocation in favour of a 5th-House-LR. Say that during the detrimental 6th-House-LR he runs the serious risk of getting a stroke. Say that he could avoid the stroke by relocating. Say that the 5th-House-LR may imply fairly serious troubles for his son, and in fact the father relocates and during the 5th-House-LR of the father, the son has a bad failure at school. Do you really think that having accepted the LR with an involvement of the 5th House was an act of selfishness of the parent? I do not think so.

Of course, I am not in a position to give moral lessons to anyone. I simply try, as far as I can, to make a practical reasoning. I would never start those idle threads (or attacks) in which you may become involved while sharing your seat in a wagon of a train travelling from Rome to Florence, with fellow travellers who haven’t got the faintest idea what you are talking about. And mind you – I insist to talk of technique, not science, for if I would, I’d have to bear the epistemological ravings of those who mix up Esoteric, Faith, the Depths of the Soul, and of course, the same old story of Reincarnation explained as if it were a game of bridge. I wrote in my books and I would never stop repeating that I just want to be a good radio engineer with an essentially positive feedback from my clients. The notion of feedback, especially in electronics, is part of the process through which part of the input signal is used for correcting the output signal. To make the comparison easier, a tenor can control the feedback of his own voice, and if he hears distortions in it, he can correct his way of singing in an ouroboros-like process. To put it yet differently, I would argue without emphasis that the hundreds of people who systematically come to me every year can provide a reasonable assurance that my way of reading and relocating a LR really works, and that they are willing to repeat the relocation year after year.

I am sure that if you asked the opinion of a member of CICAP, the Italian council of sceptical organizations, he or she would simply laugh at it. On the other hand, I suspect that their attitude is a toll that they have to pay, if they want to cover important posts in society. And I am also aware that those people have no interest in dealing with the bizarre theories of an astrologer, who in addition is fought by several of his fellow astrologers.

However, needless to say that if the above set considerations may change significantly if the LR refers directly or indirectly to a more or less seriously sick person, perhaps born with a serious problems of health. There is still one consideration left. Much water has passed under the bridge since the first Italian edition of this volume – more than ten years ago. I would like to tell you the experience of my daughter Luna concerning her fifteenth birthday. That year she had a thrilling Lunar Return; such a LR that could have been fatal for an adult. Consistently with what I have said before, I resolved to have her spend her birthday at home, where she celebrated her green fifteen years. In a few months, I regretted my choice very much. Despite being reluctant to spend hours on the books, Luna (who is my second daughter) has always been given very high ratings at school.

On a scale of 0 to 10, that year too her report card was full of shimmering 8’s and 9’s like always. Then, suddenly, her math teacher took a dislike for her, tearing to pieces her written assignment because she thought that she had cheated. As a result of this sad event, Luna received a sort of ‘penalty’ despite her overall good report card. After only ten days, she somatised that emotional shock, and on her face appeared tiny white spots of vitiligo that would accompany her for the rest of her life. A few days later, Luna also had a dangerous encounter down the street, just before the main entrance of our block of flats, with three ‘bad girls’ who harassed and assaulted her. Unluckily, that would not be a single episode: from that day and for long months, every morning the three girls waited for my daughter at the entrance of the house to beat her. The result was a year in hell and back for all of us. My wife had to get up early every morning to take Luna to school. I often had to go and take her at the exit of the school.

On her side, Luna lived like being under house arrest throughout the whole year, in the constant fear of meeting those little terrorists in the street. At this point I asked myself: “Why have I been so clumsy to cause so much suffering to my own daughter? Would it not have been much better if I had travelled with her off on a journey of relocating her LR?” This is exactly what I have been doing every year since then. Several troubles of Luna have been gradually solving, and our joy of

So? So, I think that each instance should be treated as a separate case, and with common sense. You simply cannot advise a modest clerk, relying solely on his own income, to travel every year on relocating each of their five children’s birthday. On the other hand, if you only can do it and if you are faced with very threatening Lunar Returns, you can also consider the possibility of extending the benefits of relocation to your children.

This was a very extended, yet necessary digression. In brief, the Fifth House is mainly about children, but it can also point to love as well as marital life. Many scholars of astrology believe that marital love is the realm of the Seventh House, but it is not possible to make a sharp separation. So, a LR whose Ascendant falls in someone’s natal 5th House may point to the blossoming of a renewed love between spouses, but also to the possible betrayal of one of the two. Moreover, in the LR’s of elderly subjects, it may also imply operations to the reproductive organs. For many couples, when the LR of one of the spouses has an involvement of the 5th House, it may point to an attempt of having a child – perhaps repeated attempts throughout the twelve months covered by the LR. I have also met this astrological combination in people who suddenly became gamblers, or speculators on the stock exchange. For teenagers, such a LR can mean the arrival of menarche, or their first sexual sighs. Needless to say, the Fifth House of LR can even herald the risk of HIV infection for those who are particularly susceptible to run this risk. In the worst cases, it may also point to a separation or the risk of death of the subject’s spouse. It is not uncommon that when both spouses have a LR with the Sun in the 5th House of LR or the Ascendant of LR falling in their natal 5th House, they give life to a baby and one of them falls in love with someone else; or they have a baby and one of them suffers for the betrayal of the other.

The Fifth House may also refer to a very creative year; perhaps a year of living with much satisfaction, play, and recreation. Typically, you develop a brand new hobby during a year of Fifth House. You also tend to spend many evenings away from home; to engage yourself in short or long trips; to dine out many times; to enjoy more free weekends. There can also be much more sex; or conversely, an interruption in your sexual relations.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Sixth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Sixth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 6th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 6th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

First of all, you have to distinguish between weak and easily sick subjects and healthy robust individuals who almost constantly enjoy good health. When my counselees belonged to this second group, I have often suggested them to take the risk and accept a 6th-House-LR, without necessarily travelling to relocate. As you know, I always ask my counselees to present the budget of their situation for one year after each Lunar Return. This should always be done by recording on a tape cassette what the counselee reports, for the benefit of both the counselee and the astrologer. Usually, after a 6th-House-LR, robust and healthy individuals report twelve months literally scattered with minor ailments of all kinds.

They typically report many allergies, rheumatic episodes, discomfort, cold, flue, asthma at an early stage, and so on. For the sake of complete information, I must stress that these subjects show a diametrically opposite attitude before and after the LR. Before the LR with the involvement of the 6th House, I always question the subject: “Do you fear from health hazards?” In nearly the majority of cases, they claim to be serene and ready to challenge even the worst storms. In contrast, twelve months later almost all of them show evident signs of the riskiness of this House, which I consider to be exactly as negative as the other two, when they are involved in a chart of LR. Remember, they are 12th, the 1st, and the 6th. I often opened the door of my consulting room to people who – after a LR of this kind – were limping noticeably, or to other ones who were constantly snaffling and coughing, etcetera, etcetera. Of course, I have never persecuted anybody with a sadistic “I told you!” In fact, I do believe that everybody can learn from their mistakes; not to mention that, since we are talking of healthy and robust people, an year of 6th House can be considered even useful, because it helps highlight their hidden pathologies, which they will be able to overcome very easily, and which they will learn to prevent from now on.

This situation happens – like I have just described or very similarly – usually at an age between 30 and 50. In older individuals, there can be already full-blown diseases. But there can also be the rare case of overfifties who are virtually exempt from health problems. If so, you can really believe that they are as solid as a rock. Conversely, those who are weak and often sick should seriously think about relocating their LR’s whenever it implies a significant role of the 6th House, because this can be a very heavy – in the pathological sense of the term – astrological combination. Under such a LR you cannot exclude even surgery. In some cases, this LR can point to occasional diseases becoming chronic pathologies. If the subject is not a strong person, a LR with its AS in the natal Sixth House can really beat him/her down. The individual history of the counselee will help you to determine, in advance, what kind of risks he or she can run.

On the other hand, I must admit that after fifteen years of practical experience, today I have reviewed these considerations and I have become convinced that under no circumstances is it legitimate or wise to accept a LR with a significant role of the Sixth House.

Remember also that when we talk about health, you must think about both physical and mental health. Thus, for example, the presence of Mars of LR in the 6th of LR may not only simply indicate surgery, but it may also imply many suffering due to any cause – for example, because the beloved one has gone away or because you receive a notification of your being under investigation.

The 6th House also refers to work. Also in this case, unfortunately I have noticed that such a LR does not grant allowance to anyone. In most cases, a 6th-House-LR implies health problems as well as troubles at work. Often, in fact, these two things are obviously linked. For example, an employee may suffer the arrival of a new, pestilent workmate and may develop a neurological disorder because of the stress accumulated at work. As always, positive and negative transits taking place during this LR help you to make a very precise forecast. For example, the transit of Jupiter in a favourable angle with the subject’s natal Sun can point to a very valuable colleague who starts working in the same company, who could become very useful for the subject in the future. Conversely, for example, Mars ‘beating’ like a hammer on the same sensible points of your birth chart during six or seven months – because it first touches them in direct motion, then once again in retrograde motion, then one more time in direct motion – can even lead you to be subject to legal action by your employees, colleagues, collaborators, or employers. In less serious cases, such a LR may simply point to a possible dismissal of a maid, a nanny, a driver… Many people do not have the courage of travelling for relocating and avoiding a bad LR.

Others do not relocate because they are not convinced that Active Astrology really works. Most of them change their mind as soon as they have a 12th-House-LR. But if you decide not to relocate despite you foreseeing a LR of this kind, then you do need to activate all your defensive strategies, particularly avoiding any sort of imprudence during the following twelve months. For example, until this LR is over you had better avoid going skiing and embarking on long journeys. If you cannot avoid driving your car, at least do your utmost to drive as little as possible, and to be extremely careful while sitting at the steering wheel. In short, apply all those rules of good ‘hygiene’ that can ward off any danger.

One cannot make an exhaustive list of all occasions of danger; perhaps it can be enough if I say that they may range from sexual dangers (including abortion) to excess with food; from drinking too much alcohol to taking an excessive quantity of tobacco, coffee, etc… Those who are sick in the stomach shall avoid taking – for any reason – medication by mouth, and in particular aspirin. They should also protect themselves with ranitidine or similar products that their doctor would suggest to them. They should also avoid getting exposed to extreme changes in temperature, and so on.

Back to possible trouble at work, during a year of a 6th-House-LR you should be in complete compliance with labour standards, and avoid situations of direct friction with superiors, colleagues and associates. In the year of a LR whose AS falls in a journalist’s natal 6th, it may happen that the journalist, perhaps usually engaged in office tasks, receives an ‘advancement’ and becomes a foreign correspondent. Unluckily this means only troubles to him/her, because it forces him/her to sleep with a pre-prepared suitcase, always ready to travel even to the desert, if it is required by his/her new role. In a word, this is a really ugly House in a LR, which I would not wish even to my worst enemies.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Seventh natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Seventh House of LR; Sun of LR in the 7th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 7th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

This is a very insidious House, perhaps the worst one among those houses that I do not really consider to be potentially dangerous. Pay close attention to such a LR, because it may hide very fearful traps. When this House is in evidence in the chart of LR, you should always think of ‘stamped paper’, i.e. legal stuff, trouble with bureaucracy, possible trouble with the law, bad arguments, litigations, small and big ‘wars’, possible acts of aggression, and/or any sort of hostility. Once a man in his forties came to my counsulting room. He was dressed in a whimsical way, with a tuxedo, a bow tie and makeup on this face. He had maleficent celestials in the 2nd and the 5th House of his birth chart. I asked him if he had had some disappointments from the entertainment world. Almost with indignation, he replied that he was a comedian actor. Continuing the discussion, I realized that he was a poor man, a loser who, however, still assumed to be someone. He was in bad conditions. A LR had just begun for him with Mars of LR in the 7th House of LR and the AS of LR in his natal 7th, which was added to a birth chart with an already detrimental 7th House. I warned him to be careful with the law. A few months later I read in a newspaper that he had been killed by criminals.

During a LR with the Sun in the 7th House of LR, most of my counselees have been visited by officers of the customs, excise and tax

– and the meeting was not good for them.

So when in a LR I see any of these positions, for example Mars of LR in the 7th House of LR, I suggest declaring war on the… entire world. In other words, you have to engage yourself in a sequel of little wars. For example, you may sue your neighbour for misusing a shared terrace; you may file a minor lawsuit against somebody at work; you may bring charges on relatives because of disputed inheritance. The ideal way to discharging this symbol would be to take part – at least have three or four times during the year – in television debates where people can give free rein to their aggressiveness, being involved in bad flames that provoke the worst passions of a human being. There may also be a serious risk of separation and divorce during a 7th-House-LR. So you had better try to have your partner also involved in litigations – with others, of course. Until your spouse is engaged in quarrelling with someone else, there would be minor risk of quarrels between the two of you.

During the 12 months of such LR you can also have several mishaps. Remember that the forty days around your birthday – approximately twenty days before and twenty days after it – are among the most eventful days of the year. This may imply both positive and negative events. For example, Italian prosecuting magistrate Giovanni Falcone was killed by terrorists a few days after his birthday. Occasionally you may happen to read of a famous football player, who scores two goals on the very day of his birthday. Also, in his memoirs, Giacomo Casanova wrote that as far as he could remember, at least seven or maybe ten of his birthdays were among the most exceptional days of his life: once he became a millionaire on the very day of his birthday; another time, on his birthday he escaped from one of the several prisons in which he spent a good part of his life.

So, let me tell you something personal that I consider being of particular significance in this context. One year I had not been able to avoid a LR with Mars in the 7th House. During the following twelve months I was particularly nervous, and resolved to try and ‘discharge’ this symbol by taking part in some personal controversy, even if I could have avoided it. I also encouraged my wife – a lawyer – to deal with as bellicose cases as possible. But I did not feel entirely safe against Mars of LR in the 7th of LR until that year was over. And it turned out to be a cursed year in fact, from this point of view; but in many other respects, it was also a positive one.

Now, the most important event of that LR occurred just the day before my next birthday, when I was already on my way to travel for relocating my following LR. Early that morning I went to the bank to change money. They handed over to me 10 notes of 100,000 Liras each. Then I took the Intercity to Rome and arrived to Fiumicino Airport. I was about to embark when I said to my wife, “Let’s have a coffee at the bar here inside the airport!” So I went to the cashier and paid two coffees with a bill of 100,000 Liras. (Translator’s Note: The cost of a coffee could have been perhaps 1,000 Liras each at that time, while 100,000 Liras was the highestdenomination bill. Obviously, this aroused suspicion in the cashier.) The cashier picked up the note, lifted it over his head and looked at it from below, then he examined it against the light, rubbed it between his fingers and he eventually told me that it did not seem a real note. “That’s strange – I told him trying to cool down the atmosphere, which was heating up – I’ve printed them this very night!” At that point, the cashier called another cashier and handed it over the note to him, who checked it with a much more professional expression and returned it to his colleagues, exclaiming: “How can it be that you have a white beard and you aren’t still able to recognize the notes?” And to me: “Sir, I’d be glad to accept scores of these notes from you!” The first cashier seemed to have accepted his colleague’s reproach.

He took the note and gave me back the change without blinking, but with an evident shade of hatred on his face. At this point, my wife and I drank the coffee and we left the bar to go and buy some newspaper at the kiosk of the airport. Soon after, we were just about to embark when the first cashier ran after us with a 100,000 Liras note in his hand, shouting at us: “You did give to me 100,000 false Liras! Now you must take it back and give me a good one!” I replied, “You must be crazy. This happened a quarter of an hour ago – now who assures me that this bill is the same that I gave to you?” “So – said the teller – you are accusing me to be a thief...” Meanwhile a small crowd had gathered around us, and we also risked losing the flight. So I convinced the wild man to come with me to the police station, where I told my version of the facts to a kind officer, adding: “Here in my wallet, I still have the other nine bills that I have been given from the bank this morning. Would you please test them?” So he did, stating that they were not false. Then he took the cashier – who hadn’t stopped cursing me – into another room. After a while, the policeman came out from that room, telling us that everything was OK.

He said that the Police would make a statement, and the insurance – not even the waiter! – would refund the damage. He begged our pardon in the name of the authorities of the airport, and allowed us to take our flight without even asking for our documents to identify us.

All this happened during the previous LR. It was an evident display of one of the most significant elements of that specific Solar Revolution, and it took place on one of the days around my next birthday (but it could have also happen immediately after the previous birthday). This convinced me once again of the exceptional way in which the symbols of the Solar Revolution express themselves.

A LR with a strong involvement of the 7th House may also herald separation from you partner; the beginning of an irregular affair; the beginning or an abrupt end of your job or of a business corporation in which you may be involved; the beginning of a situation that would lead you to a steady relationship, to settle down; or the beginning of a state of hostility with one of your neighbours, and so on.

So, unless you need to get married or divorced exactly during that year, I suggest you to try and ‘discharge’ these symbols also embarking on fake fights. I am confident that you will surely find plenty of people who would want to argue with you.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Eighth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Eighth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 8th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 8th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

The beginning of my study of astrology virtually coincided also with my first studies on Lunar Returns, of which I had read in André Barbault’s Practical treatise of astrology, published in Italy under the title of Trattato pratico di astrologia. I considered that book as a sort of my personal Bible. In virtually every treatise of astrology, I happened to read quite fearful sentences about the 8th House being in close relation with death. I cannot draw up a comprehensive ranking, but it is certain that most of those who had preceded or assisted me in the study of the stars, had theorized that the 8th House is the worst of all, possibly the most evil and dangerous House of a chart – be it natal or Solar.

Fortunately, while acknowledging a pre-defined path and a leading teacher, in my study I always managed to remain independent enough in my convictions about the real extent of each claim. For this reason, over the years I have gradually become convinced that the Eighth House is not the hell that certain authors want us to believe. In any case, I would never consider it as one of the three more potentially ‘evil’ Houses of a Lunar Return. Mind you, I do not deny that this House often actually refers to what seems to be its ‘peculiarity’: death and mourning. But in my opinion, this is only limited to a low percentage of events, while for most of its domain, this House has rather to do with money matters. Unluckily, in this context, an involvement of this House in the chart of LR often governs bankruptcy, debt, capital losses, etc. So, I must admit that I do not like it either, for exactly these reasons. But I insist: generally speaking, I would not put it among the top three evil Houses of the LR.

When the AS of the LR falls in the subject’s natal Eighth House, there will certainly be concern or loss of capital. To give you a very clear example of what this might mean, I tell the story of a young man belonging to a formerly wealthy and aristocratic family. He tends to follow his idealistic vocations, but also quite disproportionately to his means. In short, he tends to live beyond his income.

This is a young man, but we can say that he was a grown adult who was supposed to be mature at that time. In a year of an 8th-House-LR, with some favourable transits on his side, he took advantage of a special law that I do not remember in detail, and applied for a state financing of several billions to start over a brand new industry. I remember also that at that time, several well-equipped professional agencies arose in our country with the aim of putting together organic, convincing, professional and documented projects to be submitted to the governmental offices so that the dreams of people like my young friend could become true, To make a long story short, the young man obtained a significant loan from a bank with which he paid one of these agencies.

The agency prepared a real ‘masterpiece’, but their project did not thrill anyone at all in high places. Since this young man could not rely on any significant backing, except that of certain third-rate politicians, his project was literally thrown in the trash. Since then and for at least twenty to thirty years, the fabulous young man has to give the bank, each month, at least one-fifth of his meagre salary to refund the loan.

Certain people are very, very, lucky: for example, those who were born with Jupiter in the 8th trine to the Sun. In years of very promising transits and stellium of LR in the 8th House of LR, they had better buy several tickets of bingo and lotteries and take part in any other competition, because they stand fair chances to hit the jackpot.

In most cases, an 8th-House-LR simply points to getting lending of rather high amounts of money – at least compared to the subject’s normal finances. Whether the loan would really imply an advantage for the applicant or not depends on the overall reading of his/her horoscope, as well as on the transits and LR’s of the following years. Of course, even in cases of death, the 8th House has much to do with money. Whether you have to pay for a funeral, or you receive inheritance, or you receive negative inheritance, an event of this type always implies a flow of money in one direction or another. Those who believe that the occupation of the 8th House of LR can throw light on to the timing of mourning and death in their family tree, are surely wrong. Death is a weird mystery, astrologically speaking: only a few times, you can foresee the death of a person, and only if you can have a look at the astrological situation of as many members of his/her family as possible.

The Sun of LR in the 8th House of LR may also refer to studies of occultism or esotericism; during such a LR certain people take part in competitive entrance examinations for prestigious careers; others may gain extra money, proceeding from any possible source: from a personal loan that is finally repaid, to a possible jackpot at the lottery. Sometimes, it indicates a change in sexual activity. In this case, it may also be an indirect signal of a new affair for the subject. But it should be read in two ways: In fact, it may indicate both reduction (perhaps cessation) of sexual activity, or the beginning (or increase) of sexual activity.

Of course, when suggesting a possible Aimed Lunar Return, I never even dream of suggesting anybody to getting a RS with an involvement of the 8th House, whatever the motivation. In fact it is true that I have written that I do not consider the Eighth House of LR to be a very bad House – but I do not consider it palatable either. In some cases, it may also indicate a detention, the end of a relationship, the end of a job, the end of an important situation. Speaking in terms of percentage, the greater risk you run with a LR of this kind is suffering from heavy ‘bleeding’ of money throughout the year.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Ninth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Ninth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 9th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 9th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

Personally, I use this House very often (together with the Third) when relocating a LR, since it is the ideal House where the malefic elements of the LR can be ‘parked’ so that they are not too hostile during the year. Be it clear that it is not my intention to theorize that the Ninth House is always the best one where to stock the malefic celestials whenever needed. Expectations, fears, desires and phobias vary from individual to individual, and they may even change up to several times during the same year. This is why I advise the consultants to come study with me their next LR and evaluate possible relocation not earlier than one or two months before their birthday. As far as my LR’s are concerned, the situation is quite simple. I have quit riding motorcycles since I was a young man, because when I realized that in my birth chart there is a square between Uranus and Mars – the latter in my 3rd House – I had already had a good number of falls and accidents on motorcycles. Soon after, I also quit driving cars. I hate travelling. I spend most of my time reading and writing in my study at home.

Whenever I have to travel, the stress provokes terrible headaches in me. (A note from the Author: Luckily, this is not true any longer – I do not suffer from headache since ages.) Thus, whenever I can I place the worst celestials of my LR in the 9th. Of course, I cannot suggest an evertravelling Sagittarius to do the same, unless there are very valid reasons to justify this choice. However – without any intention of trying to convince anyone – I would add a few considerations about this.

When considering possible relocation of your LR, the astrologer may ask you, “Madam, where would you like to discharge your burdens during the next months? In the 5th House, the House of children?” She would typically answer, “No, for Heaven’s sake!” Then the astrologer would list other possible Houses: “Maybe in the 7th, the House of your husband? Or in the 4th, the one of your parents? Or in the House of the troubles spanning over 360 degrees? Or perhaps in the House of the diseases and death?” To make a long story short, there is no objective choice that can be valid for everyone.

And then, also considering the compulsory indecision that seizes most of those who visit me every year, I remain convinced that – at worst – you have to take in serious consideration the Ninth House of LR for possible relocation. After all, if you are going through a very hard time, would it be so fatal for your travelling for relocation instead of your planned summer holiday in Ibiza? I honestly do not think so. Once again, I repeat that this does not refer to those Sagittarians who travel constantly, taking almost a flight a day as if it were a cup of coffee. On the other hand, I would not dream of advising a relocated LR with the Ascendant in the natal 9th to a travelling salesman who spends every day on the highway; especially if that year his transit Saturn also enters his natal 3rd House.

In short, facts are facts. If Napoleon, with his Saturn in the 9th, had not embarked himself in the Russian campaign, and if he had it not been in Waterloo, and if... There is a saying: if my grandfather had had a trolley car, he would have been a tram...

Every time you consider relocating a LR, you find yourself facing a hard – damn hard – situation. There are people who – having experienced the miraculous results of their first relocation – go into debt to pay their next aimed birthday. There are sick people who seek help. There are entrepreneurs who risk bankruptcy, and there are... And there are many of them! And how could I sleep soundly at night if I had not the consciousness of being working well, trying to do my utmost to stick to a precise technical method, avoiding considering any tremors in my abdomen that others might judge to be ‘divine signs’? Thus, to beginners I say: just start from the easiest cases, where you can suggest your counselees such relocation that only implies a pleasant holiday for them

– for example a relaxing week in London or Paris. Also do not forget rule number one: you shall not harm.

In other words: “When in doubt, abstain” Let us go back to the Ninth House. Whenever possible, I suggest relocating so that you realize a 9thHouse-LR. On the other hand, who said that Hawaii is better or more beautiful than Capri or La Maddalena in Sardinia? You can make short trips for a lifetime and never visit all of Italy that, despite everything, is one of the most wonderful countries of the world. A stellium or the Sun of LR in the 9th of LR may be indicative of a period to be spent outdoors, far from home. What is the boundary between near and far? I would say that the difference is tongue. Where they speak a different dialect or language, there begins the realm of the 9th House.

Thus, for those in Bologna, Milan is already 9th; for those of Venice, Genoa is already 9th. (Translator’s Note: This is because here in Italy there is a deep fragmentation of language: virtually every town has its own dialect. In other countries it may be different.) We have listed certain cases where you do need to put the AS of LR in the 9th in order to ward off stronger blows from the stars, but there are many other possibilities. You can relocate and place the AS of LR in the 9th to increase your chances of gaining an internship in New York, of signing a contract with German businessmen, or of meeting again your beloved California girl whom you had met on holiday last year.The 9th refers to what is ‘far away’ both in the geographical and territorial, as well as in the metaphysical and transcendent meaning of the word. I have seen people travel by air for the first time in forty years, or go to university, or have a beautiful religious experience, exactly during a LR with a significant role of the 9th House.

The discovery of astrology can also be in the realm of the Ninth House. You should seek to put the AS of LR in the natal Ninth House if you also want to leave for a long stay far from your usual place; if you wish to enrol in a course abroad; or if you resolve to do your utmost to learn a foreign language. Returning for a moment to the beginning of this argument made on wanting to put the “evil” in the Ninth House, you must do some reflection. In almost all cases, the Lunar Return ‘triggers’ the events immediately. In other words, its meanings tend to come into force as soon as the Return has taken place. There are many examples of this: a man commits suicide on the very day of his birthday; a player scores two goals on the very day of his birthday; a girl gets married on the day

Therefore, I have to give a special advice to those who decide to relocate so that the ‘malefic celestials’ of the LR are placed into the Ninth House of LR: Remember that, from the very instant of the Return, you are in enemy territory. It occurred to me several times, because – as I said – I choose this house as the LR ‘recycle bin’. So, to all those who relocate this way, I recommend to arrive at the place of the Aimed Lunar Return a few days before their birthday, and to travel back home immediately after. This will limit any possible damage. I can mention two colourful episodes in this regard. The first one refers to a counselee of mine who was relocating his LR in San Miguel, the largest island of the Azores. He was looking for a taxi to be taken to the airport of Ponta Delgada, and two drivers disputed violently on who should take him to the airport. The second one refers to a female friend of mine who was celebrating her birthday in New York City. As she returned to the hotel (a high category one!) she found mice on the bed. To those people who choose the ‘9th-House solution’ I always recommend to stipulate insurance with Europe Assistance – despite its name, it covers your risks throughout the world. Needless to say, those who also face bad transits should not be suggested to aim their birthday to remote locations such as the Solomon Islands, which you can find about ten centimetres beyond the right edge of every map. These are islands whose natives eat crocodile meat and where mosquitoes are as big as sparrows…


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Tenth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Tenth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 10th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 10th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

With regard to the four combinations listed in the header of each of this section, let me reiterate that it is important to understand that their ‘power’ – or importance in the overall reading of the chart of LR – is almost absolutely equivalent.

The Tenth House, well... It is a wonderful House. In most situations, relocating the LR so that its AS falls in the subject’s natal 10th House means an extraordinary experience for the subject as well as for the astrologer who has suggested relocation. It is like ‘putting a tiger in the motor’ or having a pin-up girl show her beautiful legs. It is like getting rid of one’s own gravity and fly on Superman’s shoulders. It is like winning the lottery and spraying your immediate superior’s head with a bottle of Champagne... It means getting any sort of satisfaction. These are only few examples – but the whole list could cover hundreds of pages. No one could describe all the good of this position. I had written it many years ago in my Guida ai transiti; then I had very strongly emphasized it in Il sale dell’astrologia. The result was that scores of astrologers have sent their customers around the world in search of a LR with the AS falling in the native’s X House, with mostly disastrous results.

In fact, even Aspirin can be great, but it can even kill if misused. For the sake of caution, in the second of the books cited above I had included the example of Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, who had been at the head of the British government for twelve years in a row, and who lost her power when transit Saturn become square to her natal Sun, at the same time when her LR had the Ascendant in her natal 10th. I might list dozens of examples of this kind, but the bottom line is: when suggesting an Aimed Lunar Return, beware of not sending friends or counselees ‘to slaughter’. In fact, relocation is a wonderful field of astrology, but it is not a toy that can be left in the hands of ‘children’. Only a long practice will teach you everything that you need to know in this field. Therefore I renew my advice to take it easy, because an inopportune choice could act as a double-edged sword: that is, you might inject very strong positive expectations in the subject, who may run the risk of meeting serious troubles instead.

Speaking of expectations, I would tell you a short episode that should teach us all how one should talk to a counselee: i.e. without making the bad side tragic, but also without putting too much emphasis on the positive side of an Aimed Lunar Return. It is the story of a well-educated man, a nice and smart intellectual to whom the year before I had forecast great things for the following twelve months, suggesting him a 10th-House LR.

Almost 10 or 11 months later, this man came to me and I saw him to be nervous, apparently rather upset. Allegedly, he was disappointed precisely because the events of his recent life had remained much below his expectations. I asked him to elaborate and I started listening attentively, for at least two reasons: first, because I think there is always something to learn; and second, because I believe more in the stars than in human beings… Thus he began reporting the most important events of the previous astrological year. Among other things, he told me that a newspaper of national circulation had published a flattering criticism about him with a banner headline. He also told me that he had signed a contract concerning a book with an important publisher important and... dulcis in fundo – that he also got married. At that point I could not avoid asking with some vehemence, “My dear Professor! When you got married, were not the bells ringing? Didn’t I promise you a wonderful year with ‘ringing bells’? Now you see, was that mere rhetoric or was it the constellation of an event that really did make the bells ring in your heart?” To make a long story short, it turned out that he was disappointed because since I had forecast for him a lucky year, he spent the following month in the expectation of a lot of money.

There had been a significant flow of money in fact, but not towards his pockets. In fact, he had spent a good amount of money on his marriage. On the other hand, I had never mentioned money. The misunderstanding was created by the fact that his idea of ‘a good year’ was: ‘a year where you earn a lot of money’. Back to the Tenth House, now. A 10th-House LR might simply indicate a moment of prestige, whatever the reason. For example, it may be because you are recruited for a job; because you are accepted into an exclusive club like Rotary International; or because a newspaper or a magazine publishes your photograph on the front page, and so on. Of course the meanings of the 10th house are hundreds, and they cover any possible field of your existence.

If we wished to group them all under a common denominator, then we should say: Emancipation. Emancipation, in every sense of the term. I have seen people who – during a 10th-House LR – learnt to swim at the age of forty; took their first flight; become brave enough as to swim underwater for 6-7 metres in the sea; who abandoned a limited, proprietary operating system to embrace a PC-compatible system; who eventually understood the cause of their disease after twenty years of suffering; who got married after a lifetime of disillusions; and so on. The Ascendant of LR falling in the native’s 10th can be compared to Aladdin’s lamp. If you also live every day of such a year in full consciousness of its wonderful potential – and hopefully with the support of a good transit – then you can have one of the best years of your life.

It was exactly a situation like this that allowed me to forecast the election of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro as the President of the Italian Republic, published in the issue of January 1992 of my quarterly Ricerca ’90, several months in advance. In his case, the AS of his LR would be in conjunction with his natal MC. Of course, the day after his election everybody here in Italy, including my greengrocer, proudly swore to have foreseen it ages before. Unfortunately, apart from my quarterly magazine, no one will ever be able to prove it.

What I mean is that I could list a thousand episodes in which a Tenth-House LR has produced miracles, but I prefer if you discover them for yourself. When your counselee faces seemingly hopeless situations, if there are also the right conditions that I have listed before, then make the decision and suggest – without delay – your counselee to aim his/her LR so that it becomes a LR with a significant involvement of the 10th House. I will not tire of repeating that transits and Lunar Returns must necessarily be considered together. A birth chart without the current Solar Revolution and the next one, for me is a blind situation that does not allow me to make any serious prediction. Many are discouraged by the calculations implied in astrology. But today you can find excellent software and inexpensive computers that should not intimidate anyone, so why not buy one and start casting LR’s?

To understand better whether you can or cannot place the AS of LR in the natal 10th, I recommend studying my book Transits and Lunar Returns, which has become a best-seller in France also. There I discuss the thirty rules for the correct ‘aiming’ of a LR. However I must add that recently I have been progressively abandoning the using of the AS of LR in the natal 10th in my practice of the Aimed Lunar Returns. In fact, such an astrological combination may imply certain huge drawbacks, as I mentioned.

So I prefer to place Jupiter, Venus or the Sun of LR just ‘glued’ to the MC of LR. The benefits of these three celestials at the Midheaven of LR are much smaller than those of the AS in the natal 10th, but let me say, almost in an apodictic way, that placing these celestials on the MC of LR means virtually no contraindication.

You may also consider placing Mars in the 10th. Often, this combination also points to advancement, growth, and emancipation

– but it may also imply many troubles concerning the traditional meanings of the 10th House.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Eleventh natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Eleventh House of LR; Sun of LR in the 11th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 11th House of LR.
The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

Many years have passed since I first wrote that the Eleventh House is much stronger than the 8th in relation to death and mourning. I have never read comments about this detail from my colleagues, while I have heard many confirmations from my pupils. Try and test it! Take one hundred cases of death and see how many times you find the involvement of the 11th House in the Lunar Returns of relatives of the deceased.

Of course, this House may also point only to peril of life – not necessarily death. Why should the Eleventh House have anything to do with death? I have wondered many times, and I think the wisest response is that this House opposes the Fifth, that is the House of births. With a little bit of ingenuity, at this point some people claim, “I will avoid this House of LR forever.” But there is no use in doing so.

You cannot avoid death merely by avoiding the occupation of the 11th of LR. Secondly – as I explained in other parts of this book and in other texts – by relocating LR’s you cannot avoid the death of anybody.

The 11th also refers to important help, support and sponsorship. So, if you need the help of a good friendly hand within the frames of legality and common sense, then relocation towards an 11th-House LR may be even more convenient than a 10th-House LR.

With this House playing an important role in the LR, you can gain – or lose – important friends. You can experience the interruption – or the beginning – of a fraternal relationship.

This is also the House of projects, so, with a strong evidence of the 11th in the chart of LR you can start or you can complete an important project.

As you will see shortly, perhaps the most important role of the Eleventh House is mainly the fact that it can be used in Aimed Lunar Returns to displace to itself an AS of LR falling in the 12th natal House.


Ascendant of Lunar Return in the Twelfth natal House; stellium of Lunar Return in the Twelfth House of LR; Sun of LR in the 12th House of LR; and/or Mars of LR in the 12th House of LR. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity.

If the devil exists, this is his home. Never any expression, proffered by me or others, will be able to contain in a nutshell all the negativity of this horrible House. It is not by chance that it is referred to as the ‘Houses of troubles’. Those who have a strong Twelfth in their birth chart are already accustomed to defend and attack unceasingly. They always have to sweat blood over conquering what others get with very little effort. And once having got something, they have to fight for it not be taken away. But it is in the chart of Lunar Return where you can really see the evidence of the absolute negativity of this House. When I have a counselee who is about to have a 12th-House LR and who knows nothing about relocating LR’s, I do face a difficult situation. In fact, I have to try and convince him that for his own good, he had better take a flight and run away.

On the other hand, I must not exaggerate in emphasizing the negativity of this House: because if the counselee does not want to relocate or cannot leave, I would come to be the main cause of his having a ‘cursed’ year – a year that would be very tough for him anyway, considering the possible scenarios that such LR may imply. Some might say, “Who tells you that Tom, whom you have sent to Los Angeles for relocation, would have faced all those troubles if he had remained at home, accepting his 12th-House LR?” Oh, it is not me who say so – it’s my counselees themselves, and in such an absolute way, using similar expressions although they have never met each other: “I don’t know whether it is my fault or if it is my adverse fate, but this year I didn’t want to accept your suggestion so that I had a LR with the AS falling in my natal 12th. Now, please notify me when this will happen next time, because – on that day – I will fly to wherever you suggest, even if I have to sit on the landing gear of the aircraft!” I received hundreds of these testimonies, collected over decades. This is what a lawyer reports on a year with a 12th-House LR (he has also authorized me to publish his name but I prefer not to mention it): “I have experienced many obstacles and problems at work; I have had two cars stolen; the man with whom I lived for fifteen years has left me; both my parents were hospitalized for angina on the very the same day; I was found to have a health problem that can only be solved surgically...” And mind you: the AS of LR falling in the natal 12th House can make a horrible year also to those born with Jupiter conjunct the Sun! In fact, I remember that once a farmer who visited me, literally said: “Look, you must explain to me why all the papers say that this is the year of Lion, while I have lost three harvests for different reasons, I have separated from my wife, and I feel not so good...” The reason was that he was having a LR with the AS falling in his natal Twelfth House. Personally, in past years I have also had very bad experiences of relatives who were unwilling to listen to my suggestion of relocating to avoid a 12th-House LR.

More than fifteen years ago, when I used to attend conferences or when I held lectures in some towns of northern Italy, many of my colleagues challenged my vision of the ‘ugly Twelfth House’, claiming that, after all, it is the House occupied by the Sun above the horizon immediately after dawn. It makes people ‘grow’, it is spiritual and so on, they claimed. To me this is of no consequence at all, because today, hundreds of my students have learned much about the Houses of Revolution, based on its description in my books.

You can draw a nice vertical line on a blackboard and write on the one side the names of those who have followed me and are still following me in this regard, and on the other side the names of the sceptics. History will decide who is right or not, but at least we’ll avoid Pharisees attitudes. So, when I detect a LR whose AS falls in the subject’s natal 12th, I advise the poor individual to take a change of air, and relocate. In this case – more or less – you have little choice. In fact, if the ‘bad’ LR takes place here in Italy, you can try and relocate westward to have the AS fall into the natal 11th House (for if you move eastward, it would fall into the 1st House, which is also to be carefully avoided).

This can be solved with a trip to London or Paris or Lisbon, or at worst (depending whether the AS is a sign of short or of large ascension) perhaps you may have to reach the Azores. At this point, I try to make my counselee think and say, “If you have to take a trip to the Azores just to remove the AS of LR from the Twelfth House, don’t you think that it can be much more useful to prolong your journey up to the United States, where you can have the AS of LR falling in your natal 10th?” In other words, making a longer but probably less expensive journey, why not try to reverse an astral situation from bad to good? Do you wonder whether the thing really works? Just try it and you will see.

Certain people tell me that it is virtually impossible for them to travel. This is almost always teachers and never politicians, businesspersons, actors, etc. To them I suggest to ‘give’ something to the stars, possibly immediately after their birthday – this is because the hostilities, in most cases, begin immediately after the moment of the Return. ‘Giving something’ in this case may imply undergoing surgery, withdrawing for a period of so strict an isolation that it could be compared to imprisonment, embarking on a very strict diet, and so on. More details on this type of ‘discharge’ or ‘exorcism” of bad planetary positions can be found in my book on Active Astrology.


The Celestials in the Houses
Before listing the readings of the celestials of Lunar Return in each of the twelve Houses of Lunar Return, let me repeat once again an important warning. I am personally convinced that the chart of LR gives valuable information concerning the period ranging from one birthday to the following birthday, provided that you also take into due consideration the major transits of those twelve month, along with a few key elements of the LR itself – without pretending to study the chart of LR in all its details and possible combinations. In fact, if you dig yourself into details – far from understanding anything more of the subject's situation that the transits and the main elements of the LR haven't already clarified – you run the risk of generating confusion in your counselee, and you know: confusion unnecessarily complicates things by adding redundant information and making clear things so obscure as to prevent any serious forecast. For this reason, I think that – first of all – you have to consider in which of the twelve natal Houses the Ascendant of LR falls. Secondly, you consider in which Houses of the LR possible clusters of celestials are (if there are any) in the chart of LR.
Thirdly, you consider in which Houses of the LR the Sun of LR is. Fourthly, you consider in which Houses of the LR Mars of LR is. Only then should you study the position of the remaining celestials of LR in the Houses of LR, not forgetting that their importance is much smaller than the first four parameters, whose reading has been detailed in the previous chapter. And I also I advise you to stop here: because you would already have little indications, perhaps very few in number, but also extremely clear and verifiable as well as reliable. At most, you can also take a look over all the celestials, to determine whether they can help better illuminate the counselee's situation or make it less clear, in a specific context.
I do warn you against trying to dig yourselves into jigsaw-like games such as “the ruler of the Second House is trine to the governor of the Tenth, thus we can deduce that even if the AS of the LR falls in to your natal 12th House, this will have little weight in the overall context of the following months...” In my opinion, if you proceed with such a reading, you would get hold of the wrong end of the stick; you would miss the ‘total amount', the label of the Lunar Return, which is made clear by the first four combinations listed above – so clear that it can be compared to the nine-column-headlines of a newspaper.
In any case, the following positions may also be of some interest.



Moon of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – It may indicate continuous alternation of moods, not knowing exactly what you want, an undefined desire of something elusive. Remember that, contrary to what some authors claim, the position of the Moon in the chart of LR has very little importance compared to the overall reading. The Moon of LR, in fact, does not tell you what the subject does throughout the year, but only what he/she would like to do.

In the Second – Ups and downs in the subject's personal finance. The subject's economic choices are influenced by loved ones. It also points to the desire of taking photographs or films or videotapes for hobby, and/or changing one's look.

In the Third – Fluctuating relationships with brothers, sisters and brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law. High expectations concerning a family member. Fluctuating performance in education (school, university, studies in general).

In the Fourth – A desire of changing accommodation, perhaps moving away… But it is likely to remain a desire, not a reality. It may also point to the desire of spending many hours at home. Unstable relationships with one's parents.

In the Fifth – Inclination to falling in love. Desire for social life, plays, games, sports, and flirts. It may also imply the resolution of having a child. Unstable relationships with one's children. Fluctuating performance of the subject's children at school, or more generally, in their study.

In the Sixth – For men, it may indicate a tendency for mercenary love, or love with women of lower social status. For women, it almost always points to a desire for greater care of one's physical appearance and one's health.

In the Seventh – A desire to marry, to get engaged, or to break a tie. A desire of creating new associations in one's workplace. Uncertainty in the personal financial situation, or in the health, of the subject's spouse.

In the Eighth – Increased sexual appetite. A desire for making money. Expectations concerning an inheritance. Possible risk of robberies; be also careful not to lend money with this celestial position.

In the Ninth – A desire for travelling, meeting foreigners, learning a new language. The intellectual desire of digging yourself into the mysteries of life. Unstable performance in higher education (college, university…).

In the Tenth – A desire for settling down, getting married, gaining emotional stability. An aspiration towards looking for a new job. The subject is spurred to improve his or her social condition.

In the Eleventh – Aspiration towards meeting other people, and increasing the number of one's friends. A need to knock on acquaintances' doors asking for support.

In the Twelfth – A desire for isolation. Fears and phobias. Mental instability.



Mercury of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – Utmost physical or intellectual mobility. A flowering of ideas. With this combination, the subject shows greater extroversion.

In the Second – Be careful not to suffer financial and/or business deception. Attempt to increase one's revenue or assets with typically mercurial activities.

In the Third – Trade in vehicles. Energy expended in reading and writing. Increase in one's volume of correspondence and in one's annual mileage by car or other private means of transportation. Commuting.

In the Fourth – The subject is likely to move to a new home. Possible moving one of his or her parents. It is a favourable time for commercial transactions.

In the Fifth – Playful relationship with one's children or with children in general. One of the subject's children may leave, or have an increased intellectual activity during these twelve months. It may also point to the subject travelling for leisure.

In the Sixth – Possible forms of allergies or colds. The subject may be in the need of travelling to undergo treatment. It may also point to the acquisition of a new, young collaborator.

In the Seventh – Journeys with ones' spouse. The subject's spouse may undertake a commercial activity. Frequent displacements of the subject's partner. It is favourable for doing business with third parties.

In the Eighth – Possible small wins at the pools or from other games, such as lotteries, quiz shows, etc. Only if many other factors confirm so, it may point to the death of a friend or of a young member of the subject's family. Increased circulation of money. The subject may become a victim of possible fraud, or he/she might also commit fraud on others.

In the Ninth – A great desire for travelling. Possible temporary relocation. It is very favourable for learning a language. It may also point to a liaison with a young ‘foreign' person.

In the Tenth – Personal affirmation by means of bright ideas. The subject might win a dance competition. Elevation of the subject through writing and reading.

In the Eleventh – Contacts with young people. New young friends. Travel plans. Facilitations obtained thanks to the support of young people.

In the Twelfth – Troubles in connections with one's little children or very young relatives. Beware of scams and theft. Possible accident with one's own means of transport (car, motorcycle, yacht…). A secret exchange of letters may come to light. Possible sentimental scandal.



Venus of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – Increased personal sensitivity to the problems of others. Narcissistic tendencies. Expenditure on clothing or for possible aesthetic operations. This combination implies a relatively fair protection for health, especially for people who have to recover from the damage of a serious illness.

In the Second – Increased circulation of money. Tendency to spend more on personal ornaments and for aesthetics. Expenditure for a woman, a young daughter, or a granddaughter. Enhanced chances of earnings and solving difficult situations from the financial point of view. This is certainly the most protective position possible concerning money and any possible economic deficit that the subject may have inherited from the past.

In the Third – A period of great harmony with a sister or a brother. It favours studies, readings and writings. Exchange of love letters or messages. A brother or a sister of the subject may fall in love.

In the Fourth – Under this celestial combination one of the subject's dreams may become true concerning real estate. It may also simply be satisfaction concerning a better accommodation in a house. for example, the subject may get a better room at home or he/she may rent a bachelor pad. This position may also point to love with a person who frequents the subject's home. Better relationships with ones' parents and in-laws; perhaps the subject's parents and in-laws may enjoy better health during these months.

In the Fifth – It is the almost certain indication of a love affair that breaks the monotony of the year. Increased social life. More opportunities to go out, to the theatre, the cinema or out to dinner. Some nice weekends throughout the year. It almost always points to a pleasant year for love and sex. This is the best combination of LR (along with Venus in the Seventh) to recover from a sentimentally troubled year.

In the Sixth – The subject may have a love affair with a person of his/her work environment. A period of peaceful and friendly relations with the people with whom the subject works. This is the most protective position of all for one's health.

In the Seventh – A beautiful love story. Nice start of a perspective relationship. If the subject is in bad terms with his/her mate, this position may point to a renewal of their satisfactory relationship. Otherwise it may announce an adulterous affair. If the subject is involved in a trial, this position may announce its positive evolution. Improvement of all current disputes and legal situations, even if they began in previous years. Good opportunities to found societies and join in commercial enterprises.

In the Eighth – Satisfying sex life. Resumption of sexual activity after a pause or a bad period. Increased circulation of money. Possible inheritance or winning. The life of a young female friend or relative of the subject may be endangered.

In the Ninth – Love story with a foreigner or when travelling. Remember that in astrology ‘foreigner' is anybody coming from another town or area than the one of the subject. Beautiful days spent in travel. Fun, entertainment with ‘foreign' persons.

In the Tenth – Social elevation thanks to one's physical appearance. Social advancement. Possible engagement or marriage. Professional improvement. The subject's wife, mother, daughter or sister may ‘grow' during the year.

In the Eleventh – Love story with a friend. A sentimental affair turns into friendship or vice-versa. Important support from an influential person. Marriage plans. A wind of sympathy and friendship coming from virtually anyone is one of the most positive features of this year.

In the Twelfth – Possible sentimental scandals. The subject is forced to provide help, possibly nursing assistance, to a loved one. A secret love affair. Gossip spreading about the subject's moral conduct. Possible suffering from love. With this position, the subject may betray, although it is more likely to suffer betrayals. Possible end of a relationship. Loss of money. Possible hospitalization (the can be more than one). Possible abortion. In a limited extent, this is a protective combination for the subject's health, although it can have many drawbacks, including those described above.



Mars of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – See the chapter on the twelve Houses of LR.

In the Second – The subject spends much energy to produce money or to take care of his/her own image in a broad sense, although it is typically limited aesthetic. The subject tends to indulge in excessive expenses. Almost certainly, this position reflects drain of money; it could also point to investment (e.g. in real estate), therefore building transactions.

In the Third – It almost always implies minor troubles from one's car or motorbike, or caused by displacements in general: crossing the street as a pedestrian, running down the stairs, moving to another house, etc. It is recommended to use extreme caution even as pedestrians, in a year with Mars in the 2nd. This position may also points to the subject's commitment to pass an important exam at the university, or to read an important book, perhaps to write something important. Courses, competitions, internships. Increased interest in communications and telecommunications. Expenditures on the Internet, computers, printers, fax machines, smart phones, etc... Possible disagreements with brothers and sisters; perhaps sorrow and concern for siblings, brothers or sisters-in-law, cousins, uncles, nephews...

In the Fourth – Possible disagreement with one's parents. There can be fires in the subject's home. The subject tends to deploy energy in real estate transactions. Possible moving to another place. Concern for the health of one's parents. The subject's parents may be the cause of his/her troubles, or the subject's troubles may be in some way connected with his/her parents. Disputes with neighbours, possibly concerning shared property or joint ownership. Unforeseen expenditure at home, perhaps for unpaid taxes. Atmosphere of great tension in the subject's family.

In the Fifth – This combination points to a son or a daughter giving a lot of concern to the subject. Perhaps he/she may be rejected at school, suffer some personal injury or undergo minor surgery. The subject embarks on significant activity to conceive a child. Possible gynaecological problems. Frequently, this position accompanies separation and divorce. In extreme cases, it may also point to serious health problems for the subject's spouse.

In the Sixth – see the chapter concerning the Twelve Houses of LR.

In the Seventh – Break with the partner. Quarrel with one's husband or wife. ‘Stamped paper', i.e. legal stuff, trouble with bureaucracy, possible trouble with the law, bad arguments, litigations, small and big ‘wars', possible acts of aggression, and/or any sort of hostility. Profusion of energy for a cause. Beware of possible violence: if there are premises, and if transit celestials also create bad aspects during this LR, this position may indicate that the subject becomes a victim of a serious attack. It may also point to injury to or surgery upon the subject's partner. Surely, during this year there is an increased circulation of ‘stamped paper', within or without quotes. It is a year of disputes and tensions of every kind. Possible problems with the law. It may be the simple withdrawal of the driving license, but it may also be an inspection by Customs and Excise officers. This celestial position seems to attract the entire world's hostility upon the subject.

In the Eighth – Increased sexual activity. Stamped paper concerning inheritance, settlements, severance pay, litigations because of money that the subject does not receive even if it is due. Heavy losses of money. Possible theft, robberies. The life of one of the subject's relative may be in danger.

In the Ninth – Be extremely careful not to become involved in road accidents while driving your car or riding your motorcycle, or travelling on any other vehicle or as a pedestrian. Also movements at home may cause accidents during such a LR. Possible diseases contracted during holidays. ‘Foreign people' may attack you. Increased activity and commitment concerning higher education, e.g. going to a university. This is a very favourable year for learning a language. This may also refer to programming languages.

In the Tenth – Struggle for emancipation. Acts of rebellion against authority: parents, husband, wife, your boss at work, etc. With this position, the subject makes great efforts to get a ‘place in the sun' or at least to improve his/her situation, to become emancipated. This position may also point to the subject starting a martial professional activity. Almost certainly, it also heralds problems caused by the subject's mother or mother-in-law.

In the Eleventh – An important break with a friend. The subject may spend a lot of energy in friendship. A lot of projects. This is a very favourable position for learning how to play a musical instrument. The life of a friend or of a relative of the subject may be in danger. You can consider that this combination is similar to Mars of LR in the Seventh of LR, but at one octave below, for it draws on the subject a strong current of hostility from others.

In the Twelfth – See the chapter on the twelve Houses of LR.



Jupiter of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – It ‘gladdens' the subject's heart. The subject tends to lower his/her guard in terms of distrust, i.e. he or she tends to be more optimistic. This combination is very favourable for recovering from periods of depression or illness, although it greatly decreases the critical sense of the subject towards others and the immediate environment. You can gain weight significantly during a year with Jupiter in the 1st of the LR. You can also receive a ‘helping hand' from good luck itself.

In the Second – Increased circulation of money: it may be incoming, but also outgoing. This position favours earnings in general, but it may also induce the subject to be victim of swindlers. However, in the majority of cases this position points to incomes rather than expenditures. With this position, you stand fair chances to see your own face in the newspapers or on television. It also enhances the image you project.

In the Third – With this position, many people purchase a new car. In other cases, their car might be stolen. This position is particularly favourable for studying, reading, writing, competitions, examinations, and so on. There can be a moment of glory for a brother or sister of the subject.

In the Fourth – This combination helps you to fulfil your dream by purchasing of a house or by taking possession of a house that you may have received as a donation. It is an excellent time for buying and selling real estate. It may also imply renovations at home or moving to another place. In any case, this position points to positive changes in your habitat. Astrologically speaking, ‘habitat' may refer either to your ‘home' or to your ‘working place' (studio, office, workshop…). It may also point to a moment of glory for one of your parents; perhaps his or her health may improve. This may also apply to your in-laws.

In the Fifth – It may herald great happiness proceeding from the conception or the birth of a child. It may also be a moment of glory for one of your children. Perhaps it may imply the beginning of a love affair, possibly an illegal one. It surely points to many leisure activities, increased social life, frequentation of shows, more sex... In short, it implies a year of games and recreation; and possibly, the pursuit of an amusing hobby.

In the Sixth – It is the good time to hire or dismiss a collaborator. You can have satisfaction from your own work and/or from your collaborators. This combination helps to solve health problems.

In the Seventh – It is an excellent time to marry or to get engaged. It usually implies also ‘stamped paper'. Positive agreement with business partners and entrepreneurs. A moment of glory for the subject's partner. You have to study this position very carefully with reference to what I have termed the ‘bistable relay effect of Jupiter', which I have explained exhaustively in my volume Transits and Lunar Returns, published in the Italian edition by Armenia.

In the Eighth – If other elements (transits or other elements of the chart of LR) confirm so, with this position one can win prizes in national lotteries, or receive money from inheritance. It may also point to a possible return of borrowed money. It is the right year to apply for a loan in a bank. Possibly there is much expenditure in the year, indeed in the overwhelming majority of the cases this position points to a real ‘bleeding' of money. In this case too, Jupiter of LR tends to behave like a ‘bistable relay'.

In the Ninth – A positive year for long trips abroad and/or staying in other towns. Benefits obtained through foreigners. All that comes from ‘far away' is favourable this year. This not only means ‘geographically far from your own land or country', but also metaphysically, transcendentally ‘far away', i.e. unusual, uncommon, not belonging to your life of everyday. It is also a very good year to deal with alternative medicine, Orientalism, astrology, esotericism, and so on.

In the Tenth – Many people, both men and women, get married or begin a partnership with this position of LR. It implies an overall growth, a general upgrade of one's position; improvements in both social and professional life; a period of success, glory, prestige. It is a year of ‘emancipation', but you have to consider this term in its broadest sense. For certain people this may imply an eye operation to have their short-sightedness removed. For some, it may be learning English well or starting to use a computer. Certain people find an effective medical treatment during such a LR; others may experience a change in their own character. More details on this can be found in the section of my book on Active Astrology, published in its Italian edition by edizioni Mediterranee, concerning The problem of expectations. With this astrological position, newspapers may start dealing with you for the good and for the bad – at worst, because you get arrested. In other words, this position may even point to possible reversals of status.

In the Eleventh – This is a very good year for ‘knocking on doors', asking help from friends in high places. It may also imply a sequel of more immediate and modest, yet useful, supporting hands. For example, it may help you to find the right doctor and the reliable mechanic, perhaps a good astrologer who eventually helps you solve a problem. It is a fortunate position indeed, in general.

In the Twelfth – This is a position that I use a lot when relocating LR's. When a person is in trouble and you cannot place the AS of RS in his/her natal 10th, then – almost always – I put Jupiter in the 12th House of the Aimed Lunar Return. In fact, in this position Jupiter helps the subject to get out of trouble he or she may be facing. It is just like hiring a temporary ‘guardian angel'.



Saturn of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – Virtually always, it implies an element of trouble, of growth through a small or great misfortune. It usually indicates depression and discouragement, typically determined by objectively penalizing events. It also points to a tendency towards isolation; Sometimes a period of acute aging. Possible problems with the bones and teeth. A general state of physical and mental weakness.

In the Second – Serious financial concerns. Trouble in relation to money that you should give or receive. This is an economically difficult time. It usually implies a change in your relationship with money, for example you may become greedy. You may also abandon jerseys to start wearing jackets and ties, i.e. your look becomes more serious. Perhaps you may quit a hobby taking photographs, videotaping or films. Substantial investments of money to purchase a ‘home theatre' wide-screen TV set. Possible worsening of your look, perhaps your face may show that you are aging.

In the Third – Delay or abandonment of studies. A misfortune may happen to a brother or a sister or brothers and sisters-in-law, uncles, cousins and nephews. Your car may be stolen or damaged. For any reason, you may be forced to purchase a car or a motorcycle during this year. This position may also point to painful commuting to reach you workplace or for any other burdensome reason.

In the Fourth – Possible loss or grief in connection with both parents of one of them. Troubles concerning your home or workplace, perhaps you may even receive a notice of eviction. Certain people lose their house; others purchase a house with this position of LR. This position may simply point to a lot of repair work to be done in your properties. There can be a negative change of home or a huge financial commitment concerning real estate. Possible hospitalization for an intervention of some importance.

In the Fifth – Loss of love, or loss of a child during pregnancy. Heavy period in general: little fun, much time spent in isolation, little love, little sex. One of your children may cause troubles or concern to you. You may spend much energy for paternity or maternity. Engagement with a ‘tiring' or serious, detached, rigorous person. Your partners or one of your sons or daughter may become busy, burdened by heavy commitments during the year. You had better devote your energies to work with such a position of LR.

In the Sixth – It is a bad period for health. Old ailments may evolve into chronic diseases during this year. Some serious health problem may progress. Trouble with teeth and bones. The work environment may become hostile or dull. This position may herald a possible loss of employment, or your working conditions may become more onerous. This is a bad time to hire collaborators. One of your employees may resign or you may be forced to dismiss him/her. Trouble with employees or caused by employees

In the Seventh – Your spouse becomes more demanding; his/her presumption grows. His/her role in society may become more important, which involves an increased or unusual detachment in your relationship. You may experience difficulties or troubles in connection with your husband or wife. Possible ‘stamped paper'. Your relationship with others may change: for example, it may become more responsible; you may become more heavily involved or committed with your neighbour. Possible separation, divorce or the beginning of a romantic, yet ‘heavy' relationship.

In the Eighth – It almost always accompanies hard times for the subject's personal finance. Perhaps this year you must return a loan that you had taken years ago. Or you agree to pay a large tranche for a property or capital goods. This position may also point to a drastic lowering of one's sexual experience. Possible death of a family member. Legal issues relating to inheritance or simply disputes between relatives, for this reason.

In the Ninth – During the year in which Saturn of LR is in the 9th, you had better travel less, or avoid travelling at all. Painful news may arrive from afar. This position may also point to religious or moral crisis; studies of the esoteric, passion for the transcendent; interruption or delay in your higher education. You may be hurt by people who live far away from your place. Possible problems on the road, while driving your car, riding your bike – risk of road accidents in general.

In the Tenth – Possible loss of prestige. It may cause significant downgrading in your professional or social status. You may develop the desire of quitting your current job or profession. For example, you may consider pre-retirement. This is a period of great professional fatigue. You may even lose a previously gained emancipation. Danger of losing your job. Possible troubles concerning your mother or caused by your mother.

In the Eleventh – Possible death in the family, or life-threatening to a family member. Death of an individual who used to protect or support you. Loss of a dear friend. A project being aborted. A lot of energy expended in learning of music.

In the Twelfth – This is very detrimental position. It may imply troubles of all kinds. Hidden enemies may hit you. You may lose something that you had previously conquered. Your health may become weaker, or one of your relatives may become sick. In the worst cases, this position may point to surgery, hospitalization, or incarceration. A year of troubles and trials of all kind. Despite being a very harmful position, it is much less dangerous than that of Mars of LR in the Twelfth House of LR: I would not wish Mars of LR in the 12th even to my worst enemy.



Uranus of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – Important changes may occur in your physical appearance. For example it may be a special diet that makes you lose or gain several pounds of weight. Strong centrifugal impulses spur you to promote changes in virtually every sphere of your life and in your immediate environment. You may develop extreme and radical tendencies; perhaps even a revolutionary spirit. There can be sudden and marked changes also in your character or behaviour.

In the Second – Possible sudden loss of money. Big changes in the economic situation of the subject. Strong unforeseen expenses or unexpected arrival of money. Unexpected and radical change in your looks.

In the Third – Sudden change in one's studies. Situations involving a brother, a sister or a brother or sister-in-law (or also cousins, uncles, nieces) may take a totally unexpected direction. Be careful while driving cars, riding motorcycles, crossing the street as a pedestrian… You may suddenly resolve to write a book. Innovative solutions may come about concerning your use of personal tools of telecommunications.

In the Fourth – Almost instantaneous change of residence. Unexpected real estate transactions. Sudden decision to deploy works of restyling or refurnishing at home. Be careful of electricity at home. Possible accidents, illnesses or deaths relating to your parents or your in-laws.

In the Fifth – Love at first sight. A coup de théâtre in your sentimental life. A totally unexpected pregnancy. One of your children may start behaving in a completely unexpected way. You may break suddenly with your partner. Possible twist or twists in your sentimental life. You may start over a new technological hobby.

In the Sixth – You may undergo possible unexpected treatments with rays or electricity. Sudden change of work. Unexpected change in your work location. Hiring or sudden dismissal/resigning of an employee. A pathology may suddenly come (or come back) to the surface.

In the Seventh – Sudden unexpected marriage or separation. Love at first sight. You may suddenly found or join a society with someone. Or you may suddenly leave or break an association. Twists in the life of your partner. Possible disgrace concerning your spouse.

In the Eighth – Sudden winning of a contest or quiz show. Unexpected arrival of money from inheritance, settlement, or any unforeseen source. Sudden death of a relative. Enrichment of your personal vision of sexual intercourse.

In the Ninth – Pay close attention to travels and transport, especially the personal means such as cars, motorbikes, small yachts... Sudden journey or transfer. Unexpected interest in religion or esoteric subjects. Something unforeseen may happen in connection with what is ‘far away'.

In the Tenth – Abrupt change of social status. Possible divorce or marriage. Instantaneous change of job. You may suddenly quit or resume a job. Possible accident or illness of your mother.

In the Eleventh – New and ‘weird' encounters. A turnover in your entourage: new friends arrive, old friends leave. There can be a sudden change involving a friend who helps you. Sudden loss of a friend.

In the Twelfth – Troubles concerning technical innovations, such as an expensive computer that freezes or loses data, causing damage to your activity. Unforeseen troubles of any nature. Possible unexpected surgery and accidents.



Neptune of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – Hazards from toxic substances such as coffee, alcohol or tobacco; drug and medicine addiction. Mental confusion. This is definitely a bad period from a psychological point of view.

In the Second – Money earned in a mysterious way. Expenditures on medicines, drugs or other toxins. This position may point to the subject spending on a beach house or for property at the seaside. Fear of not having enough money.

In the Third – Possible accidents by car and motorbike. You are confused in connection with your studies, writings and examinations. You may develop phobias because of competitions, or concerns about your relatives. You may fear of not being able to pass certain examinations. Brothers, sisters, brothers or sisters-in-law, uncles, nieces or cousins may be on the edge of neurosis or psychosis.

In the Fourth – Hydraulic problems for most part of the year. Neurosis of a parent. Fear of losing your home. Purchase of a house by the sea.

In the Fifth – Fear of pregnancy. Neuroses and fears associated with love, such as – for example – fear of being HIV positive. Love affair with an addict or with a very inspired artist. Course of underwater fishing. Anxieties for your children or for your spouse's children.

In the Sixth – Many anxieties and neuroses of many kinds. Your ill-health must be treated with psychotropic drugs. Confusion and double-crossing in your workplace. Anxieties arising from fears in the workplace. One of your employees, superiors or colleagues at work may develop problems of depression.

In the Seventh – Fear of getting married. Anxiety concerning the beginning of a new partnership or cohabitation. Fear of the partner; your spouse may become neurotic. State of confusion within your marital ménage. You may become a victim of possible marital infidelities, or you may be untruthful yourself.

In the Eighth – Fear of dying by drowning. At worst, possible suicidal thoughts. Sex and pornography. Frightening dreams involving death. Tangled situations concerning inheritance. Anxieties for money or in connection with sea.

In the Ninth – Beware of possible shipwrecks. If you can, avoid travelling by sea in this period. On the contrary, this position may indeed imply long journeys by sea. You may meet foreign artists who take drugs or psychotropic drugs. This position is very favourable to those engaged in spiritual issues.

In the Tenth – Confusion in business decisions. For artists, it may point to strong inspiration for work. For those who frequent the world of drug addicts: be careful not to be caught with drugs on you. This position favours the opening of business in the field of wines and perfumes. Anxieties for your mother or mother-in-law; one of them may develop neurosis.

In the Eleventh – You may meet a number of ‘weird', ‘strange, ‘inspired', ‘Neptunian' friends. Confusion between friendship and love. You may meet people with spiritualist or esoteric and/or religious interests.

In the Twelfth – Trouble in connection with medicines, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and drugs. Possible danger related with the sea. Possible hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic. Car accident due to a state of mental confusion. Hazards from anaesthesia during surgery. With this LR you should stay away from pseudo-magicians, false healers and visionaries.



Pluto of LR in the Houses of the Lunar Return
In the First – Megalomania, hyperbolic actions, exaggerations of all kinds. Extreme arrogance – if the rest of the astrological situation confirms so. Repetitive obsessions and different kinds of anxiety. Strong erotic and destructive impulses.

In the Second – This position of Pluto in the chart of LR leads you to consider only grandiose business, ignoring all the small ones, even if they could be much more profitable than the ‘big one'. It may also imply a significant gain or a significant loss of money.

In the Third – A sibling or a brother or sister-in-law may embark in a considerably successful enterprise. This position may imply the purchase of a very prestigious or expensive car, or a possible serious traffic accident.

In the Fourth – You may purchase or rent a very beautiful or important, luxury house. Major renovations at home. One of your parents may become important or well-known, in a positive or negative way.

In the Fifth – One of your children may stand out for a big initiative. An important love affair. Love with a Scorpio or a ‘Plutonian' subject. Tormented love.

In the Sixth – Possible serious illness. Troubled relationship in your work environment. A prestigious chief may arrive and direct your job. This position may point to a dishonest or illegal employee.

In the Seventh – It may point to your spouse standing out in a positive or negative manner. You may fall in love with a Plutonian individual. You may also plan a grandiose wedding with this position of Pluto of LR. Tormented love.

In the Eighth – Possible significant inheritance or great economic loss. You may become obsessed with gambling. Risk of death of a close relative. Horrible death of a family member. Big win at the game or heavy indebtedness with third parties.

In the Ninth – Long journey, long stay abroad. Sudden deep passion for a religion or for an esoteric discipline. You may meet a foreign ‘Plutonian' individual who will affect your life very much.

In the Tenth – You may embark on an important activity involving remarkable results, especially for your prestige. Health problems for your mother. Grandiose working projects.

In the Eleventh – You may meet very influential and powerful people. Your relationship with a friend may degenerate. Possible nasty death of a friend.

In the Twelfth – You may have to overcome big challenges during the year. Torments for an altered mental status. Threats proceeding from important diseases and deep anxieties.





Ciro Discepolo
Two supporting methodologies for Active Astrology
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Preface to the English Edition

In almost forty years of passionate studies, many of my books have been read and studied by dozens of thousands of readers all over the world.
One of my luckier volumes (Transits and Solar Returns is its title in English) has been published once in English, in German, and in Spanish; and twice in Italian and French. It may be claimed that, especially thanks to that wonderful virtual shop called Amazon, this book is now being read all over the world including Mongolia, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, etc.
Other volumes of mine on Solar Returns or on Lunar Returns are presently studied in Slovenia, in Hungary, in Russia…
Soon further versions of my books will be available in other minor languages.
What you are browsing is my most recent book, since it was first sold in Italian bookshops in September, 2008. This is its second English edition, containing slight but significant amendments.
Since they are usually particularly attentive to this kind of technical astrology, I trust that my English-speaking readers will appreciate this new ‘Northwest Passage’ of astrological research, which may lead you to heuristic paths of great interest – as it is the case of Earth Returns, a subject that I consider to be extremely interesting.
Other subjects of mine are presently widely applied here in Italy: I trust that one day they might become useful also to my American or anyway English-speaking colleagues. I am referring to different astrological threads, such as the protocol for a rectification of the time of birth of an individual; the method for the dating of events within a year; my rules of medical astrology; my concept of the exorcism of symbols; and many other subjects.
Nice reading to you all.

Ciro Discepolo
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Preface to the English Edition
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Part I, Lunar Returns
1. The unconscious roots of my passion for the Aimed Solar Returns
pag. 21
2. Why and how do Solar Returns and Lunar Returns work
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3. Lunar Returns
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4. Twenty trustworthy rules
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5. The concept of modulation
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6. Do Aimed Lunar Returns work?
pag. 69
7. New fields of research for Lunar Returns
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8. A thrilling Lunar Return
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9. An Aimed Lunar Return for an intervention of rhinoplasty
pag. 89
10. Lunar Return in San Severo di Foggia
pag. 93
11. How to choose an ALR for eye surgery
pag. 99
12. A few practical exercises on the dating of events
pag. 107
13. LRs and LRs in the attack on Pearl Harbor
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14. Lunar Return on airliners
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15. Lunar Return in Flores
pag. 131
16. Lunar Return in Peterhead
pag. 137
Part II, Earth Returns
17. What Earth Returns are and how they work
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18. Table to find out the point A in Earth Returns
pag. 157
Part III, Miscellany and new researches on Solar Returns
19. The significant value of synergy in the aimed birthdays of a whole family
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20. An attempt to get pregnant in advanced years
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21. Accuracy of the calculations and lack of passport
pag. 233
22. The tragedy of Cogne
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23. A difficult and unsuccessful exercise
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24. The accuracy of your software when casting a SR
pag. 257
25. The twenty days before and after the birthday
pag. 259
Part IV, Postface
26. Some important subjects for Active Astrology
pag. 265
27. Solar Returns Domification
pag. 277
28. Active Astrology
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29. Similarities between homeopathic medicine and Lunar Returns
pag. 291
30. An essential astrological bibliography
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A few notes of remark – by Ciro Discepolo

Instances of two interventions from unbiased and open minded scientists whose research into normal phenomena is branded to be paranormal only because they are not accepted by the Establishment.

We thank professors Vincenzo Di Napoli and Renato Palmieri very much for the elucidation of knowledge and wisdom they bestow upon us each time they accept to collaborate with our quarterly magazine.

It is my opinion that in the past year we have hosted extraordinarily interesting articles by them, as well as other articles having similar content. I am referring to several articles and brief essays of scientist who made us reflect on certain contentious subjects which I would like to mention in a concise list:

- Engineer and professor Di Napoli, together with engineer Callegari and other students of Giambattista Callegari’s method have taught us – among other facts – that when two bodies in the space are in resonance (i.e. their energies are in resonance), impedance (in the ‘transmission between the two energies’) is equal to zero. This means that distance hasn’t value any longer. The consequences of this fact are enormous, for it explains, among other things, how is it that Pluto may have the same astrological value as the Moon or Mars.

- Professor Palmieri has made us notice that modern physics does not take into consideration the question of polarity of the gravitational field of the Earth and of other planets. Moreover, in his Unigravitational Physics, professor Palmieri unifies the nature of the electromagnetic and gravitational waves, with the insertion of fundamental distinctions where most other physicists are in a confusion claiming, for example, that Pluto cannot have an influence on human beings because its gravitational strength is virtually zero.

- Scientists and researchers Emilio Del Giudice and Nicola Del Giudice has made it clear – with several very clear details – the notion of the memory of water, and the fact that a newborn baby, before developing a magnetic filed of its own, takes the magnetic field that is ‘gravitating around it’ at the moment of its birth. That’s to say, the water molecules are oriented by the magnetic field and they preserve ‘forevermore’ such orientation – and this may help us very much explain how astrology works.

Yet in these pages our friends have written this and much more. Do not forget it, for in my opinion, Ricerca ’90 made it possible to seal up an important chapter of history in the huge book of philosophy of science.

cd (Forgive me for my excessive vulgarization; perhaps it was necessary for a non-insider audience.)


As you can easily understand, we are really facing a topical milestone in the heuristic path in general and in particular in the study of astrology. The three notions that I have just recollected for your attention may be the fundaments for a universal theory that we might call the Callegari-Palmieri-Del Giudice’s theory. This theory may be sufficient to explain a possible way of the functioning of astrology from a purely physical point of view, without mentioning either Jung’s synchronicity or the so-called paranormal phenomena that amuse the minds (?) of the member of CICAP (TN, the Italian CSICOP).

The points that have been discussed so far are constitute just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I believe that compared to the day prior to this XII Congress of Astrological Studies in Vico Equense, a new and extremely important Weltanschauung has been established before the world and particularly for open-minded people.

It will be necessary to come back again and again several times in the future, to study and to have a debate in this field. For the time being, considering the subject of this book, we can consider this question closed in order to say something even more specific about Solar and Lunar Returns.

Approximately fifty years ago the scientific study of biorhythms started to spread among medical doctors. (8)

In fact, even after the end of WWII, medical doctors went on giving medicines to patients without giving any particular importance to the moment of the day in which it was administered
9 that resulted in wasteful consumptions like concentrates of vitamins and dietary minerals at night just before going to sleep; or melatonin in the morning.

When doctors got aware of the importance of biorhythms, they could avoid most of such mistakes.

Today we are aware that there are different biorhythms, among which the following three are the most important:10

1)    A circadian rhythm lasting, as its Latin etymology says, approximately one day. Obviously this corresponds with the time that the Earth takes to rotate once around its own axis. We have innumerable evidence of such biorhythm associated with the life of human beings, animals, and plants. For example, it can be easily proven that there is a precise reproducibility of the peaks in the curve of certain biological functions of the human being as observed during the day: such as the frequency of the daily peaks of urination, of arterial pressure, of the index of blood flocculation, and so on. For example, we know that our body produces melatonin constantly, but there’s a peak of ‘overproduction’ about half an hour after sunset.

This is why – among other things – melatonin induces an antidepressant action, which is extremely important when the sun lights up our day no more; and melatonin also induces sleep. Hence you can understand why it was a mistake on the part of certain doctors to give artificial melatonin early in the morning. Let me mention at this point poor professor Luigi Di Bella, the physiologist who developed the so-called Di Bella therapy, an unorthodox cancer treatment which caused collective discussions during 1997 and 1998 in Italy. He was literally ‘slaughtered’ by the Medical establishment because his therapy went against the interests of pharmaceutical companies.

In fact Professor Di Bella, together with other alternative scientist, believed that it was extremely useful to give patients – as well as healthy people – ‘industrial’ quantities of melatonin and vitamin C. (It’s for similar sentences that I have to go to the stake. See the shameful episode of the Italian Wikipedia at this website:

Don’t be surprised then, if one day some supporter of CICAP or of the Italian Wikipedia would manage to have cocaine found on my writing-table in order to get rid of such an uncomfortable and unpleasant person like me.)

2)    A monthly rhythm of about 29 days clearly connected with the complete passage of the Moon around the Earth. We have incontrovertible evidence of this too, despite the opposite opinion of ‘scientists’: even children can see them, such as tides, or the menstrual cycle.

3)    A yearly rhythm linked with the complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Examples of this are the animals hibernating always during the same period of the year; others migrating or being moved by sexual desire always in a precise period of the year. Trees bear fruits always in the same time of the year, and so on.


Now consider the sine wave below and pay attention to point A. This sine wave can represent the development of any biorhythm. Let us consider two of them in particular: the wave could draw the development of the lunar biorhythm and of the solar biorhythm. Let us start with the solar one. In the very moment of our birth, with our first breath, our first yearly biorhythm starts: it begins at the point A and it ends at the point A.




So we should not be surprised if somebody (i.e. me the Author) claims that in the moment of the yearly solar return, exactly at the point A, the imprinting that we receive from the sky is not the same as that of the rest of the days of the year. In fact it is very special, not because of analogies, but because the moment A is a sort of ‘reset’ or zeroing of a whole yearly cycle to start with another yearly cycle. In my opinion this widely justifies the importance of each of us being under that particular sky of the world in that moment and not in any other moment – according to criteria whose real literature (I mean the literature originated by practice, not by theory) suggests that thus our year might be qualitatively enhanced – but also spoiled if we are not careful.

It seems quite obvious to me that the same may be said about the sine wave of the monthly cycle, where point A corresponds to the return of the Moon to the precise point it was in at the moment of birth with regard to the native in focus.



I believe that such an explanation is plausible. Nevertheless it is left to the students, pupils, colleagues and denigrators to use or not to use such wonderful tools of quality enhancement to one’s life: namely, the Aimed Solar Returns and the Aimed Lunar Returns.


1) Carl Gustav Jung, La Sincronicità [Synchronicity], Editore Boringhieri S.p.A., Torino, 1980, 124 pages.

2) Gret Baumann-Jung, Alcune riflessioni sull’oroscopo di Carl Gustav Jung [Some considerations on Carl Gustav Jung’s horoscope], Ricerca ’90 #5 of January 1991, translated into Italian by Enzo Barillà

3) Renato Palmieri is an excellent physicist from Naples. I had suggested to the Italian Institution of Philosophical Studies [Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici] – a wonderful institution of Knowledge conceived, founded, and directed by Gerardo Marotta – to publish Professor Palmieri’s precious volume: otherwise it would have never seen the light of day. There was no special need in urging them to it, because when I talked to the secretary general of the institution Professor Antonio Gargano and my friend Professor Aldo Tonini, they immediately accepted my request, and this way they added another gem to their already huge list of Cultural works. Thus, at last his book La fisica unigravitazionale e l’equazione cosmologica [Unigravitational Physics and the Cosmologic Equation] is a reality now, and certainly one of the things I am most proud of.

4) Engineer Vincenzo Di Napoli died in Novembre 2007. He was a great researcher; his life crossed mine several times. He used to be my teacher of electronics in the school «Augusto Righi» of Naples. He was a simple man, who used to reach the core of any subject; everybody used to understand his lessons immediately. Later on, we met again when he was the president of the Association of Ham Radios of Naples. I was trying to get a CB licence then, but I did not succeed because by those times they required a quite difficult exam on radiotelegraphy, and my lack of ‘an ear for music’ for such things, was a hindrance in distinguishing ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’ of the Morse code. We met yet again when he was the president of the Centre of Studies «Callegari» concerning Callegari Radiobiology. I have written of this latter event in a brief note in my book on the interpretation of the natal map L’interpretazione del tema natale, Armenia editore, Milano, 2007, 350 pages, in pages # 87-90. And to conclude, I would like to add – it doesn’t seem a mere coincidence – that Professor Di Napoli had always lived not farther off than fifty metres from my place. I remember him with gratefulness and affection.

5) Engineer Giuseppe Callegari is the son of Giovanbattista Callegari. I have written briefly about the latter in my book L’interpretazione del tema natale, in pages # 87-90. I am very glad to see that Engineer Callegari is trying to further develop his father’s great discoveries.

6) Emilio Del Giudice is professor of Physics at the Istituto Superiore di Fisica in Milan, Italy. Together with his brother, homeopathic medical doctor Nicola Del Giudice, he has written books of great scientific interest. They also tried (in my opinion, with great efficiency) to develop the question of the memory of water – a subject of extraordinary interest that may help in understanding the mechanisms of the influence of the sky over the life of terrestrial creatures.

7) Apply to him the same considerations about his activity together with his brother. Nicola Del Giudice is a well known and appreciated homeopathic doctor, endocrinologist and researcher in a broad sense. He wrote together with his brother the book Omeopatia e bioenergetica. Le medicine alternative: dalla stregoneria alla scienza [Homeopathy and bioenergetics. The alternative medicines: from sorcery to science], Cortina editore, Verona, 1999, 302 pages; and also the volume Omeopatia. Un ponte tra biologia e psicologia. Vent’anni di ricerca della Fondazione omeopatica italiana [Homeopathy: a bridge between biology and psychology. Twenty years of research of the Italian Homeopathic Foundation], edizioni Nuova IPSA, Palermo, 1998, 334 pages.

8) Lyall Watson, SuperNatura [SuperNature], Rizzoli editore, Milano, 1974.

9) Ibidem.

10) Ibidem

Ciro Discepolo - LUNAR RETURNS AND EARTH RETURNS - Ricerca ’90 Publisher - Napoli, Italy, 2008



Ciro Discepolo
What you can do when you cannot leave

Product Details: Paperback, 224 pages, 8.6 X 5.9 X 0.6 inches
Ricerca’90 Publisher, 2009, Language: English







Fourth cover’s text:

English-speaking readers fond of Astrology already know the Author, thanks to his previous works - Transits and Solar Returns and Lunar Returns and Earth Returns, which have also been translated into several other languages. In a practice of almost forty years of astrological research, the Author has studied and guided over twenty thousand aimed birthdays; he has also published a dozen books specifically on Solar Returns and Lunar Returns.
This is his fifth work in English; two of them can be downloaded free from his webpage – In this volume Ciro Discepolo deals with the second ‘resource’ on which his Active Astrology is based (the first one being the aimed birthday): the so-called exorcism of symbols. In these pages the Author suggests to the Reader about what can be done when you cannot aim, i.e. actively relocate your birthday (either your Solar or Lunar Return) by a practical application of the notion of ‘activating’ or ‘constellating’ a symbol. For example, Mr. Discepolo claims that if you can not leave for an aimed birthday to avoid Saturn being placed in the 5th House of your next Solar Return, during the twelve months covered by the SR, you had better devote more time to your kids, help them in their studies or in their sporting activities, pay the fee to enrol them in a course, perhaps abroad, where they could learn new subjects and/or nurture and improve their condition in a broad sense.
Planet by planet, House by House, this volume contains all the suggestions of the Author on the exorcism of symbols – a useful practice also in the case you do relocate your Solar and/or Lunar Returns: for example if you have willingly left some dissonant position in your map of Aimed SR or of Aimed LR, and you wish to lower the threshold of risk a little more.
The volume also explains the philosophical and psychological roots justifying the practice of the exorcism of symbols.

Ciro Discepolo is a journalist and a former researcher of CNR (National Research Council). He’s been dealing with astrology since 1970. He has written over fifty books – most of them on this

particular subject. Astrologically speaking, he followed the school of André Barbault. He then founded the school of Active Astrology.

He has been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of this interest in astrology. At the beginning of the ’90s, he obtained very brilliant results with researches on astral heredity on a sample of over 75,000 subjects. His works have been translated, from Italian, into English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Hungarian, and Slovenian.





To André Barbault,
my great master


Initial distiches:


In the very moment of your birth our entire destiny is written in our birth chart down to the smallest detail – but we can change the screenplay.

Ciro Discepolo

Gli astri non sparano mai a salve (The celestials never fire a salvo).
Ciro Discepolo

Preface to the English Edition


Active Astrology is well know all over the world, thanks mainly to my previous books in English (, together with several other works published in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Russian.


Many of my readers have urged me to have this volume published in English. Unlike other works of mine, this volume does not explain how to ‘aim’ the relocation of a map of Solar Return: it rather tells you what to do if you can not leave for an aimed birthday and you wish to make use of the technique that I called ‘exorcism of the symbol’ – or more properly said: ‘exorcization of the symbol’.

I trust that you can find good, practical, and useful pieces of advice in these pages.


This volume contains also certain chapters similar to (but not the same as) a previous book of mine titled Astrologia Attiva. Here I’ve added several chapters and I’ve revised and expanded other sections.

As a support to the explained theory, I have also added some astrological portraits of universally known historical personalities such as Giacomo Casanova, Luigi Pirandello, and Ernest Hemingway.


Before you start browsing this volume, I would like to remind you that you can always join my blog ( with queries or comments in English or in the Italian language. There you’ll actually find a sort of an ‘extended family’ made up of my passionate followers, colleagues, pupils or people who simply are fond of Active Astrology – they will be able to help you go on and deepen your studies of Active Astrology.


Yet another thing though. This is probably my very last book in English, as a publisher. In future, if my readers from the States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia (and so on) wish to read my works on the rectification of the time of birth or on the dating of events within the frame of the twelve month of a given Solar Return, they should mention these works of mine to publishers urging their translation into the English language. This is the only way in which they will be able to go on reading my works in their own language.

I wish you all a fruitful pursuit in the deepening your understanding of this wonderful topic called Active Astrology, which is not The Truth, but it is surely Truth.


Ciro Discepolo


Naples, the 6th of February 2009




Preface to the English Edition pag. 7

Preface  pag. 9 

1. Praise of escape pag. 15

2. The reasons for a vocation pag. 21

3. To antagonize and to potentiate pag. 23 

4. The problem of expectations pag. 27 

5. Jeoffrey’s theorem pag. 37

6. The added value pag. 41 

7. A complete failure pag. 43

8. On the precision of the time of birth pag. 47 

9. The ‘gap’ pag. 51 

10. When the natal Sun is in the 10th or in the 9th House pag. 55 

11. The case of Mrs Smith pag. 59 

12. An easy case and a hard case pag. 63

13. Stardust pag. 71

14. Transits of Mars pag. 83 

15. Transits of Saturn pag. 107

16. Transits of Uranus pag. 131

17. Transits of Neptune  pag. 157 

18. Transits of Pluto pag. 171
19. Astrological portrayal of Giacomo Casanova pag. 187
20. Astrological portrayal of Luigi Pirandello pag. 195
21. Astrological portrayal of Ernest Hemingway pag. 205

22. An essential astrological bibliography pag. 211 

23. Index pag. 219



a sample chapter:





You should never underestimate them. One reason is that they can last for entire weeks or months. Another reason is that they can be responsible for real calamities, if they add to more intense transits. Their action is mostly maleficent. In fact, Ancient – who didn’t know the meaning of the world demagogy – called this planet the little malefic, in comparison with Saturn who was considered the great malefic. Similarly to the fever, which is always present in virtually all the diseases of the human being, Mars and Saturn stand out in virtually all the tragedies of the human being – in my opinion this says a lot about the maleficence of this planet. Therefore you had better have no illusions about it: when Mars passes over your head, at best you can exclaim, “Thanks God, I didn’t hurt myself!” But it’s a quite rare event. Try and test it! For in the overwhelming majority of cases the rule is: you have always to give something to Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. Usually, it would be wounds, tears, rifts, lacerations, blood and so on. The nature of Mars is clearly of a destructive kind, and this is exactly how it behaves. Only in extremely rare cases it may play a constructive role. Usually this happens in those situations that require determined will, and with those natives who lack of willpower. Only in these circumstances, when Mars transits over the native’s Sun or Ascendant or Moon, it is possible – and only in few rare events – that the subject may become the protagonist of a leap in which he/she takes a brave decision and becomes able to get rid of years of stagnations and slothfulness. Otherwise, Mars usually acts provoking tears, wreckage, destruction, wounds, and bleeding. There’s nothing left other than testing what I’ve just written down.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with the Sun


When Mars creates a disharmonic angle with the Sun – including conjunction – at a theoretical level you should face a positive surplus of energy that you can spend just the way you prefer. Say that you can rely on a credit of energy and that you feel as strong as never before, whishing to employ this benefit somehow. So you leave home and you see a poor man lying on the street under his own motor bicycle. He’s unable to stand up, so you may help him. By doing so, not only you would do your daily good deed, as any member of the Junior Woodchucks should do – you would also make a good use of that bonus on which you can rely. With a less imaginative example, say that you can rely on it for bearing – better than usual – the whims of your chief clerk early in the morning. You may even dare to give him/her a sharp answer, and then prepare for enjoying the usual calm for the rest of the day. On the other hand, if this transit of Mars adds to other dissonant positions in your natal chart and it also forms part of a bad Solar Return and Lunar Return, you run the risk of getting involved in an explosive situation with a final ‘deflagration’. In the given example, the final explosion may be a very bad quarrel with your chief clerk, or with a colleague or with any other collaborator in your job; or perhaps with the policeman giving you a fine, and so on. In other words, on a day like today there’s a special temperature in the air floating around you. You may get in serious troubles with the law, or with any other thing connected with what I call the ‘officially stamped paper’, including being in bad terms with your partner or with your mother-in-law. Furthermore you may also hurt yourself. This can be in a real physical meaning of the term, i.e. you may cut while shaving; you may wound while dismounting a flat tyre; you may be run over on a pedestrian crossing; or when trying to open a carton box with inappropriate cutting tools.


It is the least apt moment for urging a rise in salary. It is not the moment for trying to win over a superior, trying to behave friendly with him or her. On the contrary, you should try and exorcize this transit by performing hard but not dangerous tasks. For example it may be a very good idea to chop wood; to move pieces of furniture from one floor to another; to empty shelves and arrange the books into carton boxes; to rearrange things in your attic or in your cupboard; to arrange the folders at office… It is also a very good day for making sports, provided that it is not something dangerous. For example jogging, trekking, marathons on the ground and on the water... Also going to the dentist would suit, as well as any other sort of operation such as incisions, removal of cysts, birthmarks, tonsils, etc. If you have to undergo a clinical examination under effort, such as certain heart exams, this is the best day to do so. At most, I may say that any surgical operation is welcome during this transit, provided that you obey all the other rules given in my volume Astrologia applicata by ed. Armenia. The most important of those rules says that you should never undergo an intervention when the Moon is in the sign corresponding to the organ to be operated. For example, do not have your throat operated when the Moon is in Taurus. This day – or these days – may also be apt for a good quarrel, provided that you cannot avoid it anyway. For example, it is very apt to give somebody a piece of your mind under the square Mars-Sun. If this Mars transiting in a bad aspect with the Sun also creates any angle with Saturn, it is also a good moment for making tattoos, piercing and so on, or for having them made on your skin.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with the Moon


In the previous section we faced an objective situation. I mean, the source of conflict given by Mars-Sun may or might produce a real laceration, such as for example the wreck of a car in a traffic accident; a bone fracture; a black eye caused by a punch; and so on. While in the case of the transits Mars-Moon we are dealing, I may say, with a more ethereal dimension. It’s still a form of ‘belligerence’, but such ‘belligerence’ may remain at a stage of temper: e.g. you may nurse a grudge against somebody or you may be in a bad mood, but you may not express it, or perhaps you would express it but in the least apt forms. Sometimes you feel your blood boiling, your heart quivering with indignation, fury, and anger. You would like to declare war to the entire world and you feel ready to burst out for nothing. The great Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Young claimed that the subjective reality corresponds to the objective reality. This means that if you have war inside you, you meet war also outside you. Under this logic, at least it is convenient to invent real battles against anybody. If you wish to avoid war coming and visit you, you had better start war against somebody. It may be a neighbour, a colleague at work, a public organization, somebody who opposes our ideas, and so on. This simply means acting according to the Latin motto similia similibus curantur: like cures like, the fundamental healing principle of homeopathy. You’ll surely feel like having more ‘caffeine’ and everybody around you feels that you are ready to jump for nothing. Now, this is exactly the bottom line: do you wish to throw such an important energetic potential out of the window, or do you want to make good use of such energy by deploying it for anything that can be extremely productive for you? You cannot always rely on such an interesting determination. Therefore it is worth to try and look for the correct way to invest this stamina. Before anything else, you should direct your ‘belligerence’ against a female figure, or against any situation connected with the house (for example, quarrels with the neighbours). It is also a good period if you to get a load off your chest and preach your daughter, your sister, your mother… If you have to solve a situation by phone, you had better start your conversation like this: “I’m warning you, this is not a friendly call…” In other words, there’s no use in wearing mantles of false pacifism if your blood is boiling with indignation. So blow the trumpets and roll the drums. And if you have to shoot, shoot… There’s moment for construction and a moment for destruction. Well, this is the moment for destruction, so behave consequently. If you can, you may also carry out heavy duties at home, such as chopping wood, moving pieces of furniture, fixing the roof and so on.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Mercury


Here we deal with two different notions: on the one hand, the idea of effort (Mars) and on the other hand, the idea of communication (travel, telecommunication, etc.). It is possible that you should start for a journey against your own will, if you wish to exorcize this transit. You might cover a long-long distance while you really wished to stay at home. Sometimes travelling is a pleasure, with a brand new and comfortable car, and with a nice weather. But if your car is old, if it doesn’t work fine; or if the bad weather conditions (say, cold and lack of visibility) make the route uneven, then your journey may become rather uncomfortable and this may be the case when you make a sacrifice for the sake of the exorcization of this transit. So this is a good thing to do during this transit. Furthermore, according to the principles detailed in this volume the more you suffer in travelling, the more you ‘discharge’ this symbol. The negativity of the journey may also be connected with the reason of your moving around: for example, you may have to take a close relative to undergo a serious surgery; and in this case, in my opinion, no further explanation is needed. Often the objective aversion towards the journey may be caused by a specific reason which makes the travel harder or even unbearable: for example, you may have to travel together with your tiresome and haunting mother-in-law. In other cases this transit may imply the repair of your car or any other vehicle: this is another good way to exorcize this transit properly. At another level, your journey may be only a virtual one. From this point of view, it may be connected with communication or telecommunication rather than a physical displacement of your body. For example, it is pleasant to browse the Internet searching for relaxing or – even better – for something to play with: but it may be less amusing to navigate on the WWW in order to carry out a precise assignment, perhaps something boring in which you can not use your creativeness, such as a repetitive job in which you may have – just to give an example – to delete a sequel of items from a list, one by one. At a similar level you may try to exorcize this transit by making efforts of fixing up your printer, your mobile phone, or your satellite receiver by yourself, without even calling a technician. You may play the technician yourself by installing a satellite dish on the roof of your house. You can also invest your strength in compliance with the symbols Mars-Mercury by dealing with a brother, a sister, a cousin, a brother-in-law… You may have to take care of one of them, for example. You’d attain the utmost from this transit if you took one of these relatives to run an errand a few hundred miles far from your own place. Last but not least, a clever trick to leave this transit may be to embark on a huge sacrifice and try to quit smoking; or withdrawing into a lonely room in order to write down a report, or to study for an important exam.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Venus


The best way to exorcize a transit of Mars dissonant to Venus is to have se, much sex – you might ‘gorge yourself’ with sex. Mars is the synonym for strength and Venus stands for love. Hence the best way to constellate these symbols is to have much, healthy sex. This is valid regardless of the kind of transit, i.e. opposition or conjunction or square, it’s the same. It is also important ‘how’ you make love. Each pair has his own fashion of making love, but he symbolism of Mars-Venus recalls a style of making love which may be considered a little bit ‘violent’ or ‘virile’. According to this, during this transit it may a good thing to insert certain variation in your way of making love. Also quantity is important – hence it would be a useful thing to have more frequent sexual intercourses until this transit lasts. Another way in which you can exorcize, or constellate, this transit is to manage – provided that you are able to do so – the creeping tension with your partner in love. This implies having a tense relationship, but not so tense as to provoke a real crisis. When you act following the logic of exorcising transits, the most important thing is to keep always a good sense of humour, which above all allow you to consider thing ‘from the outside’, without feeling too much involved. If you follow this rule events would hardly overcome you; if you don’t, you run the risk of becoming yourself a victim of your own ploys. If during these days you were able to handle a fairly argumentative relationship, this would not harm to your love affair – on the contrary, it would precisely benefit it. Another way of constellating this transit may consist in helping your partner in carrying out heavy tasks. For example, say that your wife has to empty a whole case at office in order to allocate the files into another archive or in two-three cases. So you had better summon all your patience and go and help your wife even if this implies spending a couple of week-ends for this purpose. Or vice-versa: if you have to arrange or rearrange your tools in the garage, she should help you to do so. In a similar attempt of keeping the situation (i.e. this transit) under control, you may exaggerate and indulge in some sort of pleasure. For example you may have a special dinner with your friend, say for example a stag party, where you can indulge in intemperance and debauchery, overeating, and so on. This way you’d act perfectly according with the transit. Or, once in a lifetime, you may indulge in poker or any other gambling game – but remember to set a limit before, and then leave the game as soon as you reach the limit you had imposed to yourself. And now for something completely different: you may do your utmost for helping or giving assistance to a sister, a female cousin, or a young female friend of yours – and this has nothing to do with play and games, of course.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Mars


You can only ‘discharge’ this transit making use of your own brute force. You can not mistake: you should chop wood, move pieces of furniture from one room to another, perform heavy physical tasks, sweating, sweating, and sweating over and over again. Any attempt of coming to terms with the symbology of this transit is doomed to failure. Under this transit you are bound to suffering at a physical level, so the more you suffer the better. Let me be even more drastic and put it this way: if you don’t sweat, you bleed. In fact, this transit may correspond to a period in which you find yourself laying on the dentist’s armchair, who – with a drill in his hand – gives to the flaming ruler of Aries and Scorpio all that it wants. This is the aptest transit for being scalpelled, drilled, flayed, bled, and so on. You should have no doubt about it. The only thing that you should be concerned with is the ancient yet very good rule by Ptolemy: already in the second century before Christ, he suggested that you should never undergo any operation when the Moon is in the sign corresponding to the portion of body that you should heal – Taurus corresponding to the throat, Virgo the bowels, and so on. If you find no heavy tasks to carry out and no lesser or major interventions to undergo (this would sound weird, after all), you may try to exaggerate a little bit and start quarrelling with your neighbour, with your fellow creatures, even if you don’t know them personally. For example, with an ill-mannered deliveryman; an unpleasant telephone operator; the impolite assistant of a medical doctor, and so on. Instead of the heavy tasks, you may perform mechanical tasks or work with electricity, water tubes, motors, and so on. Another way of exorcising this transit is facing up situations: i.e. acting so that truth will out. Say that you feel a creeping friction in your relationship with somebody, but so far you haven’t felt like facing up this unpleasant situation with him/her because if you did so, you would have an unfriendly and disagreeable confrontation, while your nature is of a pacifist kind. But you know: there’s a time for peace and there’s a time for war – and this transit marks undoubtedly a time for war.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Jupiter


In this period you tend to hypertrophy and you suffer from a scarce critical sense. Your superficiality would grow consequently and you underestimate the difficulties that you have to face. Under these circumstances, prudent people would remain alone at home, doing their best to do… nothing at all. But if you did so, what would you give to Mars? Similarly to other cases, also in this case making sports may help. For example, archery would show you – and not only figuratively – how many times you can hit the bull’s eye. Under this transit something interesting happened to a friend of mine. It was during our mid-August holidays, and the event took place in one of those tourist villages in which they just organized a swimming competition. My friend took a deep breath, jumped into the water and started swimming. He was convinced to be the first but when he eventually emerged and opened his eyes, he sadly realized that everybody was before him, and that he was actually behind everybody else. This is exactly what may happen to everybody during this transit – and also losing your face in a sporting competition may help you exorcise the symbol of the transit. Otherwise you can pamper yourself with a period of controlled intemperance, such as overeating with friends, yet without ever exceeding beyond the limits imposed by decency and by rational logic. You may also indulge in little crazy expenses; for example you may resolve to buy some new garment, and in this case you’d reduce the risk to the chance of paying 100 what really costs 70. In these days you may also donate your blood: it would be a wise and socially useful thing to do. And by doing so, you’d know if your blood is OK or perhaps something may be wrong in it, especially in connection with the liver, and do something to avoid further troubles. And last, you may renounce to a little but fix amount of your budget and devote it to losing it in gambling games.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Saturn


During these days or months you feel nastier and perhaps you really are nastier, in so far that you natal chart allows you to be a bad boy or a bad girl. During this transit you should take those decisions that you normally are unable, or refuse to take. For example you may resolve to take your aged mother to a retirement home or to an old people’s home, although this is something that anybody would hate. Yet it is something that you have to do under certain circumstances. Nonetheless this is life: there are days for enjoying and there are days for suffering. And there are days of gathering consent and other days in which people consider you to be a fierce torturer. And this is exactly the case of this transit. So if there isn’t any other possible solution, you should sacrifice this sort of lamb on the altar of Mars-Saturn: taking one of your dear old ones to the old people’s home; parting from a dog cub or a pussy cat that you could not keep at home so that you have got to give it away; taking your dear suffering pet to the vet to have it suppressed – an act of mercy that, in my opinion, should also be allowed for those men and women who are suffering in the terminal stages of their illness. That cold SS torturer who sleeps within each individual – more or less depending on each natal chart – comes out during this transit and reclaims his right to existence. Hence, this period is apt for certain particularly delicate surgical operations, such as acting yourself as a doctor and give rescue to somebody who needs help because, say, his or her leg is broken, while you are waiting for a professional assistance to arrive. On the altar of this transit you may also wish to offer a surgical intervention on your own body: it may be the meniscus, the knees in general, orthopaedic surgery, and above all – the dentist. Dentist-related suffering, their curing on the base of drilling, the laceration of the gums, their stitching up: all they are operations typically connected with the dissonance Mars-Saturn. The same can be told for demolitions. For example, if you have to demolish anything build without a planning permission, an unsteady external wall, or a former shelter for your dog and so on; but it also refers to the scrapping of cars and motor bicycles. And last if you have something unpleasant to tell to anybody, for example an unfriendly telephone call, declaring any sort of war etc. this is the right moment to do so.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Uranus


This transit implies a sort of destructive or radically proactive energy tending to solve problems. Spurts of adrenaline seem to make all of your action ‘sparkle’. You feel absolutely unsatisfied before anything that takes a longer time to evolve or develop. In fact during this transit you may become impatient, particularly with people who ‘work’ slower than you, or who don’t understand what you say. You tend to go straight to the core of any situation; during these days you are as loyal, sincere, and genuine as ever. You had better take advantage of this situation and bang the table with your fist: for if there are days for mediating, it is also true that there are other days for making war. Everybody has got situations that need to be removed radically, without any wavering, after sought, or weakness. This transit marks exactly this kind of ‘bus stop’ in your life. So you had better summon all your bravery and make a clean-up. So get rid of old and useless ‘friends’ and any sort of dead weight, including your own mental ballast. Hold your nose and wear brand new garments. Get rid of your old taboos, obsessive manias, little fears of your being ‘a very little man’, and take a deep breath of fresh air even if this might cause you wounds. You’ll have time to put in stitches to your lacerations later on. So the best way to discharge this sort of transit is to humour your nature of these days. And your nature of these days is, more or less, coherent with your basic nature. During these days or weeks you should make efforts to be as natural as possible, even in those occasions in which being natural means being brave. At any cost you should avoid any activity usually considered dangerous, such as riding bicycles and motor bicycles; skating; skiing; driving at high speed; climbing mountains; diving from high cliffs, and so on. Nonetheless, we have to give something to Mars and Uranus. So you also had better try to go in for brave yet not really dangerous sport such as the kitesurfing. This is also a good moment if you have to undergo a little surgical operation with minimal sedation or anxiolysis. You will be also attracted by techniques and informatics; you may take advantage of this by opening the case of your desktop computer – although the successful result may not be guaranteed. This transit is also good if you have, for example, to support a relative of yours in a ‘quarrel’, for example against his/her neighbours.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Neptune


During the transit of Mars on a dissonant angle with Neptune (including conjunction) you feel a sort of ‘mental blindness’. This means that you tend to exaggerate a notion, an ideal, a point of view, a professional practice. The dangerousness of the transit we are talking about is totally inscribed in this sort of ‘altered state of consciousness’. This leads you to behave in a way that you usually wouldn’t do – unless you have already got this aspect in your very natal chart. Those who are in a leading position of nations, countries, armies, mass movements and so on, they should be careful not to take any important decision during this transit, because otherwise their highly subjective decisions might provoke some sort of ‘holy war’, or ‘one-way fanaticism’. So this transit is not something that can be solved with some Valium or valeriana or any other anxiolytics to be taken in homeopathic doses. So what I am suggesting you to exorcize this transit is to find out some specific situation in which you may behave so blindly without being too harmful to yourself and to the others. There you could take those unique, final, extreme decisions – just like if it were the last thing you would do. For example, you may declare your resolution of quitting smoking; you may lie in bed with sedating infusions to detoxify from morphine; or you may resolve seriously to embark on a slimming cure – under the spur of this transit, all these things would lead you to exceptional results. The same if you are a victim of alcoholism or drug. At another level, you may resolve to run ten miles a day; to join a gym; to do a minimum daily quantity of push-ups. In a word, this is the season of the statements of compromise, in which you are also able to fulfil them. All of your proposals of the kind “from today onwards…” taken during this transit are bound to lead to firm and constructive actions. During these days no one can stop you: so you had better take advantage of this and jump over any sort of gap – geographical, social, or political ones. If your heart quivers with indignation for anything, for example, you may resolve to join a political party or a mass movement. Take part in environmental campaigns, for example you may join a group of volunteers cleaning up the parks and the hills of your town; or you may even take part in some ‘extreme’ actions performed y environmentalists, green activists and so on. For example you may have yourself enchained to the gates of the embassy of a country in which experimental nuclear explosions are carried out. If you have an important surgical intervention to do, or even a mere extraction of the wisdom tooth, well this is the right time to be brave and undergo any sort of torture. And if you feel so brave to take the consequences of this transit to the extremes, you may try to walk barefoot on burning coals, like certain fakirs do. And last, this is a good period for studying astrology, esotericism, parapsychology, Eastern cultures, yoga and so on.






Mars in a dissonant aspect with Pluto


When the worst and deepest energies inside you tend to emerge to the surface, you should try to channel them and keep them under strict control. I can imagine that even psychology would agree with astrology in suggesting you to go to the cinema and watch some film like Death Wish. I’m sure that it has happened to you too, to find yourself in a metro coach in the presence of a gang, a group of hooligans, drifters behaving in a clearly criminal way. You know, those dropouts that start singing in chorus obscene songs; but they go further and beat the passengers, spit on them, perhaps they even rob them. In moments like this, the civilized part of you (the Dr. Jekyll) feels uncomfortable, but at most it switches on the mobile phone and calls the police. But during a dissonant transit of Mars with Pluto – including conjunction – the other half of you, the Mr. Hyde emerges and you’d like to shoot with a Magnum or any other gun, just like the cops in the American films. This is why I suggest you to go to the cinema and watch that film with Charles Bronson shooting at the head of hooligans. This is certainly not a masterpiece of culture, but by watching this sort of films you could sublimate all of your destructive strength. It would be him, the killing vigilante who does the real thing – not you. So you’d be happy that the crime rate is dropping and that somebody is doing something about crime, but you won’t pay the consequences of your imaginary self-made justice. Somebody, of those who love demagogy, would claim that violence is violence in any case, and that violence produces violence. But I don’t believe in allopathy, I prefer homeopathy – similia similibus curantur: like cures like. On the other hand I am suggesting this to adult people who are supposed to be perfectly able to discriminate between reality and invention while watching films like Pulp Fiction. During this transit also your sexual impulse might improve not only in quantity but also in quality; and you may be led to do something ‘weird’, strange, morbid. And if you partner agreed, you’d be able to have unusual experiences in this field. Since this transit also implies a wave of wrath, you may channel it to spoil the friendship between you and somebody that you don’t like anymore; or to give a sharp answer to your boss; perhaps to resign after a quarrel. There are days for constructions and days for destruction: these are the days for demolition.






Transit Mars in the First House


This transit takes place approximately every two years. It usually last a couple of months. Keep in mind though, that if the planet becomes retrograde and then it reverts to direct motion again, this transit might last five or six months. This transit gives you an extraordinary stamina; you can behave like if you had taken dozens of cups of coffee; you feel like moving without gravity, like if you were walking on the Moon. Of course such a surplus of energy must be channelled carefully; otherwise it can provoke real disasters. Those who generally lack of a strong willpower may feel the thrill of being able to take brave decisions on the spur of the moment. On the contrary, those whose basic nature is strong and volitional should make use of particular tactics. My first suggestion is to go to the dentist. I am confident that Mars would appreciate those nightmare-like drilling, scalpelling, root lapping, and bleeding that the dentist’s care might imply. Given that everybody has to visit the dentist on a regular basis, you had better go there when Mars is transiting in your 1st, 6th, or 12th House. In those periods you should also concentrate, if possible, any other lesser or major surgical intervention: such as incisions, haemorrhoids, removal of cysts, birthmarks, tonsils, etc. If you really have nothing to offer from this point of view, then you had better devote yourself to a massive sporting activity. The more you go in for sport in this period the better you discharge this transit, and the safer you can feel. If you don’t feel like going in for sport, or if you aren’t accustomed to carry out physical efforts, then proceed gradually, starting with jogging in the woods or on the shore early in the morning. You may also devote some time to the gym. If you are really lazy you may avoid joining a gym club and do it at home. You may buy a rowing machine or a stationary bicycle, or you may simply do push-ups on the carpet. As Woody Allen would say, you may also ‘sweat in the sheets’: i.e. an increased sexual activity would discharge this transit very, very well. And if you have got to move pieces of furniture; to empty shelves and rearrange your book collection; to carry out any sort of huge, heavy tasks – well this is the perfect time to do so. Don’t you have any heavy task to carry out? Then create them, or help you friends and relatives who are just moving; or help them rearrange the garage or the attic or any other thing like this. Of course you should avoid the most dangerous tasks such as cutting or sawing wood, otherwise you may run the risk of wounding yourself.






Transit Mars in the Second House


During this transit you stand the chance of having a little but intense haemorrhage of money. In this case it may not be enough to suggest you to be generically careful, to keep alert. You had better try and rule over the symbol, i.e. ‘exorcise’ it at your best, channelling it in a way that may be even advantageous to you. To do so you should do your utmost to increase the income of your own personal finance or of the family budget. If possible, accept a second job. This may be a temporary activity and it may last only until this transit lasts. Depending on your field of expertise, you should try to make extra money from giving consultancies, private classes, working as a freelance translator, and so on. So buy the local papers of classified ads and something useful will surely occur to you. For example, you might also earn from selling an old piece of furniture. If there’s a chance to work overtime in your company, do so as much as you can during this transit. Perhaps you have never considered getting into high finance and you simply spare your money by leaving it sleeping in a current account? Well, during this transit you might study for days, for weeks, trying a solution for earning more by investing your money in something more productive yet safe; for example you may buy a state bond or transfer your money to another account granting a higher rate of interest. Or on the contrary, if you have to make expenses and you cannot avoid it, then spend your money exactly during this transit. Buy anything – tools, garment, whatever – provided that meets somehow the symbols implied in this transit. Remember that if you don’t do so, you run the risk of losing that money anyway – for example you might be robbed. At another level you had better enhance your physical aspect: so go to the hairstylist, to the barber, to cosmetologists, beauticians, tailors, and whomever can help you improve your looking. Another valid way of exorcising this symbol may be having a little incision made on your body: e.g. to remove a birthmark or a cyst or any other blemish on your skin. You may also invest more time than usual in visiting shops in search for better pieces of garment. This can also apply to any tools connected with the notion of ‘image’. Thus you may learn to use a complex software of CAD; study photography; buy a larger monitor, and so on.






Transit Mars in the Third House


During this transit it is a wise thing to become a commuter, or if you already are, increase your daily commuting. This may be connected with an actual need or a changed situation, such as taking your kids to a farther school or your assignment to another branch of your company - but you might also be able to create such a situation of commuting deliberately. In the latter case you may grasp many different occasions. for example you may resolve to assist a course on Shiatsu at the other end of the town; join a gym club far from home; meet a group of friends after work; and so on. The bottom line is: let it be a larger commuting, a longer way to pass every day. The same if you make it by foot or by car or tramway or train. Each symbol should be ‘weighed’ in comparison with the individual who wish to constellate it: therefore the distances involved may depend on the natal chart of he, or she, to whom the transit refers. For example, for a native Cancer who spends a lot of time at home, it may be enough a distance of a few blocks; while for an extremely mobile Gemini the distance should involve dozens, if not thousands of miles. During this period it would be useful to spend also resources, energy, and money to take care of your car from the technical, mechanical and esthetical point of view: So go and visit more often your carwash, your tyre repairer; your auto-body repairer; your mechanic… And if you are so smart to be able to put your own hands in your car, even better! Roll up your sleeves and spend several hours of Saturdays and Sundays with a wrench. At another lever, the transit may be efficiently discharged by diving yourself into a deep study, for leisure or necessity. In the latter case you may get ready for a contest or an exam at university. In both cases the transit gives you the required energy. You may also try and invest your passion in learning a new software programme; studying o reading a book of your favourite author; you may also take benefit in assisting courses, lessons, seminars, lectures. Moreover, you had better intensify your communication – especially the written ones – via Internet or telephone, although you may run the risk of getting quite high bills if you don’t pay a flat fee. If you are engaged at a cultural level, grasp the chance and write some important chapter for your next book; or the text of an article, a lecture, an essay... If you had to swallow a bitter pill because of your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law during this transit you have the chance of getting it out off your chest and giving them a piece of your mind. Last, you may take a strong compromise and quit smoking, if you are a smoker.






Transit Mars in the Fourth House


During this transit you have certainly to carry out some work at home. You may do it yourself or have it done by an expert. You may rearrange the whole house or simply have your bathroom repainted. In any case you should spend efforts, compromise and suffering. The discomforts caused by coming home and finding dust and sand everywhere, up into your sheets; or finding a lime of scuttle left on your best armchair, they should be enough to discharge this symbol properly. If you are smart enough in doing-it-yourself you may spend all of the week-ends of this transit in painting walls and mounting shelves. The bottom line is that you should channel as much stamina and money as you can in this sort of things. These weeks or months are a favourable span of time for you to have a new heating system mounted; or new tiles in your bathroom; or any other lesser or major fixing or renovating or refurbishing job that your place may need from time to time. The same may also refer to you office, your workshop, your atelier, your shop, your laboratory, your working space whatever it is. The notion of making efforts aimed at your home or house may also refer to a different layout of the furniture, which may be achieved by physical tasks; or simply mounting news curtains, which is a much lighter job. Gardening may also attain to the symbology we are talking about. You may constellate it also by applying for a mortgage loan and start paying instalments for the purchase of a flat. More precisely speaking, this implies all those direct and indirect expenses relevant to your house or flat, including insurance or the payment of inheritance tax which you may deliberately try to postpone or anticipate so that it takes places exactly during this transit. Furthermore it would be a good thing to deal more with your parents, to take more care for them: go and visit them more often; take them with you on holiday; assist them in a therapy; take them to hospital if they need it, and so on. I can say that this transit can be discharged quite fairly by upgrading the hard-disk of your personal computer. This seems to be an easy task, but it may be difficult even for an expert technician and it often implies days of reinstalling your favourite software, applications, drivers etc. one by one. But if you do so you may avoid the bad surprise of having your computer infected by a virus, which in certain cases can be solved only by reformatting all of your drives.






Transit Mars in the Fifth House


The ideal would be to sport – to sport very much. If you are already a sportsman or a sportswoman you may simply intensify your activity. If you are not, you had better move somehow: play tennis, dive, swim, and run, make gymnastic at home or in a gym club. Sports are surely the right activity to discharge this transit in the best way. Yet the Fifth House also refers to anything that may be defined playful and recreational – so dance may be suitable as wall, since it is a sort of ‘sport’ that one can perform at any age, it is only good for blood circulation, provided that you don’t exaggerate – and by the way, exaggerating hurts whatever you do. The 5th House of the natal chart also refers to love. So in order to tame the transiting Mart claiming for its rights, you can also have a more intense sexual activity, or simply meet you partner more frequently. And remember: if you don’t discharge this transit you run the risk of falling into temptation and start frequenting quire dangerous places such as casinos, where the harmful suggestions of the rules of Aries and Scorpio might lead you to spend and losse quite consistent amounts of money. While if you guide this Mars at your best, it may lead you to learn a new sporting activity, such as bridge or chess – you can sweat and loose weight also by playing bridge or chess. These months favour also the practice of teaching. So if you are a teacher or if you are asked to do a seminar, you should try and concentrate it during this transit. You should also make more efforts in connection with your beloved ones, your partner, you kids: for example, for their medicines, for their spirit. Try and demonstrate in a tangible way how much you care for them. This is also a good time for going to holiday in one of those resorts where the animators don’t leave you in peace but make you work even harder than you normally do at work.






Transit Mars in the Sixth House


With this transit, it’s a matter of warding off a stronger blow. Whether it expresses itself in your job (i.e. in your relationship within your working environment) or in your health, this is a rather treacherous transit. In the first case, you had better give it vent by giving a piece of your mind to, say, a colleague whom you can’t stand any longer. If you have to quarrel, this is the aptest moment. Certain interpersonal rapports in your working environment can last up to certain point – not forever. At most, during these days you can try and accept harder physical tasks: for example, reallocate the files from one case to another; move huge bulks of heavy folders; do-it-yourself and move pieces of furniture even if those tasks do not fall within your competence. As far as health is concerned, the dentist is always the best solution: as much ‘drilling’ as possible and you’ll avoid more serious troubles. So visit the dentist as often as possible and ask him to undergo a deep cleaning of your teeth, implying the cutting of your gum and a profound removal of the tartar (this technique is called root lapping). If you are a woman, you may find benefit in an extra visit to the gynaecologist, who might find out some little wound to be cicatrized with an electrosurgical knife. Everybody would find benefit also in chiropractic: hands up those who haven’t got any little pain in the bones… Nonetheless, with a transit like this – which in certain cases may last up to several months – one cannot underestimate the problem. So it would be a wise thing to put into effect all those things that I have gathered under the term of ‘a prosthetic technique’ in another section of this volume. In other words, during this transit it would not be enough to simply act according to the homeopathic principle similia similibus curantur – before anything else you should prevent, and only then combat using certain opposites. I give a few examples. Those who suffer from chronic gastric diseases know it very well: at any change of season their acid secretion grows; and as a consequence, also their disturbances also grow, making it possible the risk of gastric ulcer. So, as this transit approaches – I mean, already when Mars gets closer to the cusp of the 6th House – you should ask your doctor to prescribe you ranitidine or other similar compounds; stop drinking coffee; stop taking any other substance that may hurt your stomach, such as orange or lemon juice, spirits, and so on. Similarly, those who suffer from cervical arthrosis would start going out wearing a wooden scarf and a hat; sleeping with an electric heating-pad in their pillow; adopting all those precautions that any patient like them knows very well. In other words, you have to defend rather than attack, for this is a really bad transit and if it happens together with other bad transits, it may imply a very critical period for you. So if you don’t want to become its victim, avoid the underestimation of this transit and take all the required steps against it. Above all, remember that during these weeks you’ll get all the relapses of the troubles from which you suffer periodically. Of course, if you have to undergo surgery, this is the time to do so, always keeping in due consideration the general astrological rules that refer to any operation; namely, that you shall not undergo an operation when the Moon is in the sign connected with the organ to be operated. Furthermore you should not forget that when Mars passes through your 1st, 6th, or 12th House as well as in any other particularly negative situation, if possible it is a good thing to observe a total, therapeutic fast. If you cannot, a partial fast also may suit. Eat as little as possible – a small cup of hot clear soup; a few chestnut to fill your stomach; very little bread and cheese, or fresh fruit. Through total fast or a frugal diet it is possible to overcome safely a good part of the aggressions of Mars. This is also valid in general, so you can follow this behavioural direction also in presence of other ‘malefic’ celestials.






Transit Mars in the Seventh House


Unlike the previous situation, here you have absolutely to attack: the harder you attack the less you’ll be attacked. So you should do your best to develop many little battles – or one single war, but be an important one. This may or may not imply legal stuff, i.e. your war may also take place before a court, but it may also have absolutely nothing to do with lawyers, attorneys, or judges. For example you might pick up the phone and call your neighbour to complain against his doggy making poo-poo just before your own door. You may also join a residents’ meeting and start fighting for your rights before each of them. If somebody owes you money, you may also ask for legal assistance to have your money back. And if you really think that you’ve got nothing to quarrel with anybody (in which case I dare say that you… live on Mars), you can always create or invent occasions of battling: for example you may take part – at least during these weeks – to actions of environmental activists, animal welfare, and so on. Also having yourself enchained to the gates of the embassy of a country in which experimental nuclear explosions are carried out may be quite useful to discharge this transit. You may also invent or hype a dispute with a newspaper or a magazine, by writing tons of letters to them showing your indignation for one or another subject. So join meetings, protest rallies, public debates, any sort of popular happening. If you are so shy to be unable to speak in public, you may always ask a legal representative to act for you. The golden rule is: the more you produce war, the less damage you suffer from this transit. Ironically, sports may help you. So join a club and make karate or boxing. By giving kicks and punches to an opponent – either for hunger or for sport – you’ll be able to discharge this symbol partly or completely. In my experience I have noticed that I have explained these things several times to those who asked for my counselling, yet very few of them took me at my word. An honest and respected professional, a very good man, did not start any sort of battle or struggle or quarrel against anybody during this transit. One day two young men waited for him before his consulting room; when they saw him they simply asked for a confirmation of his identity; then they assaulted him with kicks and punches. The professional never understood who ordered them to do so. Remember that during this transit you may have your driving licence confiscated; you may undergo the control of a custom officer; you may be interrogated by a judge; you may suffer from little or serious legal troubles. So the only way, let me stress it once again, is to invent wars, and attack, attack, and attack once again. The more you attack the less you’ll be victim of attacks. In this case, this rule proves true and works very well.






Transit Mars in the Eighth House


Before anything else, you have to administrate a series of controlled expenses. Since you cannot avoid expenses during this transit, the idea of not spending anything is not really advisable. It is much better starting with anticipation, say when Mars is still in the 7th House: then you should start scheduling your future expenses so that you spend the money exactly when Mars is in the 8th House. In other terms, it is really advisable to postpone, if possible, your expenses when Mars is in the 6th and 7th House, and then, when it enters the 8th House, you can buy all the things you had programmed. This way you produce that outgoing flow of money that this transit requires. Willing or not, you’ll have to spend during this transit, so the clever action consists in spending well. What you have to avoid and ban at any cost is any sort of speculations and games. If you usually play, you had better spend more money for your house or for a holiday rather than wasting money in lotteries or bingos. In other words, if you really wish to ward off the sinister blows that the celestials may bring to you during this transit, you should learn to programme – and to programme with due anticipation. If during the year you have to have something fixed at home; if you have to buy some electrical household appliance or a new car – you simply have to postpone the event until Mars reaches your natal 8th House. In other words, concentrate your expenses in those weeks or months. The same applies if you have to pay certain bills, such as the dentist’s bill, or the psychologist’s bill, or the bill for the lessons of piano for your son. In a word: spend, spend and spend once again. But – only spend for useful things, for things that you cannot avoid. Furthermore, it is possible that during these months you may have to face legal controversies in connection with disputed inheritance or taxes, with the assistance of a lawyer or your bookkeeper. If this didn’t happen in a natural way, but you judge that it may happen, you had better provoke such a situation. At another level, you may increase your sexual activity; considering the symbols involved in this transit, this should happen quite naturally.






Transit Mars in the Ninth House


The time has arrived for you to make that journey that you have postponed so far, because you do not see it as a holiday. It may be a displacement for job, for study or to undergo a therapy – so be strong and resolve to leave at least. The longer and more tiring is the travel, the better you discharge this Mars in the 9th House. According to the notion of exorcism of symbols, the deal would be to go very far away to undergo surgery, incision, perhaps an aesthetical operation. I know people that don’t trust Italian dentists and they travel periodically to Switzerland to be cured there; they also claim to spend less then here in Italy. And this is exactly what you should do in order to oppose safely this transit. On the other hand, this transit usually takes place every second year and it would be a little bit to wait for this transit to happen until your next visit to a foreign dentist. So what you could do instead is covering a distance of two-three hundred miles to run a particularly annoying errand: for example, visiting some bureaucratic machine in the capital. Or you may travel in order to visit and/or take care of a relative who lives far away. Or you may resolve to take a plane and struggle with the chief officer of your company in order to attain better working conditions. The bottom line is that you should move against your own will, or in order to perform actions that you dislike. Mars in the 9th House might also be discharged by going in for sports – yet in this case you had better beware of possible accidents, so only go in for the least dangerous sports such as swimming or gymnastic. At a mental level, the ideal would be to learn a new language, or improving your skill in a language that you already know. This may also refer to programming languages. Hence you may also spend these weeks or months in learning how to use and make profit from a new software package. It would also be a wise thing to channel this particular sort of libido into the so-called ‘superior’ studies, meaning in this case all the disciplines that go far beyond your daily life: history of religions, Eastern cultures, Zen, yoga, astrology, parapsychology, esotericism, philosophy, analytic psychology and so on. And last, also dealing much (or more than usual) with animals (possibly your own pets) would also be useful to discharge this transit.






Transit Mars in the Tenth House


Under this transit it’s a matter of upgrading, i.e. enhancing your social and/or professional position, or more generally speaking – achieving a better emancipation. If you are a young woman you may insist and have your boyfriend engage and eventually make arrangements for your marriage; if you are a clerk you may relentlessly apply for better positions; if you are a teenager you may ask your parents the permission of going out with friends and coming back home later at night. You may also engage a sort of competition with yourself as well. So you may study harder; learn something new; get more expert and proficient in your job; computerize your activity; produce more; or enlarge the area in which your product is sold. In any case you’d have to work harder for your prestige, particularly at a social and professional level. For example you may pick up the phone and call twenty different persons asking for their vote in a local election in which you are a candidate. Only be careful not to mix up job or prestige with money: they are two completely different worlds. Cutting your umbilical cord may be another way of expressing the spirit of the efforts required to you by this transit. You may get rid of your chains also by quitting smoking; stopping and resolving a long-lasting therapy of deep analysis; making efforts and channel energies to stop taking a pill that you might consider unavoidable, while it only causes you harm with its collateral effects. A good way to exorcise Mars in your 10th House may also consist in working until late. Do not forget that the natal 10th House also refer to your mother; so if you wish to avoid quarrels and troubles with her, you had better do your utmost for her during this transit. For example go and visit her more often; take her to the doctor; take her to the blood test; simply devote more time to her. In other words, show her in practice how much you care; she who has spent a whole life in making sacrifices for you deserves that you make sacrifices for her form time to time.






Transit Mars in the Eleventh House


It is very easy to discharge this transit if you are a musician: simply play and play. If you usually play much, well – play more then. If you don’t play any instrument you may start learning, although it is clear that not everyone can afford such an ambitious project, also considering that this transit takes place every second year. So you must do something else. The most logical thing to do during this transit is to deal more with your friends; devote more time to them; spend energy for them; give them your help and support; show them that friendship is not merely a nice word for you. Since transits never arrive by chance, you can be sure that during these months one of your friends will surely need your help: so just give him (or her) a hand if you only can. Otherwise, at the very least you should expect that this transit will cause hostilities from your friends. Mars transiting in the 11th House may also imply many efforts in making projects, and this doesn’t mean wasting time in staring at the infinite, lost in fancies. No, making projects means, for example, taking steps to change your job; write and send resumes; preparing a list of recipients to whom you’ll send the catalogue of your products or services... At the same time you may also trying to obtain the assistance or support or sponsor of important individuals who might give you a hand. While Mars is in you 11th House you should knock at as many doors as possible. You have to understand that those doors won’t open as easy as when Jupiter passes through your 11th House; so you know that you’ll have to knock stronger and louder, if you wish to achieve your goals. Last but not least, you may also live this transit by making practical efforts to make friends with new people; for example you may volunteer in cleaning up the parks of your town, or join the Red Cross, or Caritas.






Transit Mars in the Twelfth House


This transit implies a scenario similar to that of the passage through the 1st and the 6th House. So you should behave keeping in mind that you have to give as much as possible to the planet of war, wounds, and troubles in general. The more you give of your own free will, the less you run the risk of Mars choosing the brick falling onto your head. Be clear that you may have this transit forty times during your entire life, and not always happens anything serious. But if this transit takes places together with other negative transits of the slower planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – and if the whole scenario involves an overall negative situation – then you really can run serious risks. So, in the majority of cases you’ll simply have to do with less importance events; nonetheless they might keep you concerned for weeks, and you might be able to overcome or avoid them if you only succeeded in discharging this transit well enough. As I always do in these cases, once again I suggest you to be visited by a dentist or a surgeon: more than anybody else, it’s them who might exorcise this transit at best. On the other hand, you may not really need surgical help during these few months. So if you really wish to act accordingly to the symbol implied in this House, you should be hostile with your ‘pseudo-hidden’ enemies. I say ‘pseudo’ hidden ones, because if they were really hidden you wouldn’t even know about them. No, I mean those people who bury their head in the sand after having done something evil against you, so that you can easily understand who did it. Unlike their way of behaving, you had better act directly, bravely and openly against them. In this period, facing directly those who hate you may help discharge this transit. So speak aloud if you need, and let them know that it is not your intention to suffer passively any longer. At another level you may enhance your concentration of strength and energy and channel them in esoteric researches, or in search of anything that is – somehow and in the broadest meaning of this term – hidden. For example, if you suspect that your beloved one betrays you, this is the best moment to investigate: you may do it yourself or charge a private eye who will be able to do it more professionally by placing electronic bugs or shadowing your partner. If you belong to that group of people who love helping the mankind, you might also join associations of volunteers who give assistance to those in the need.










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